Drs: Should You Get A Pre-Nup? + Holiday Snacks To Avoid


The Doctors: Why You Should Get A Pre-Nup

Even if you think the relationship you’re in will last a lifetime, there’s still a good chance you’re better of getting a pre-nup. Ann Carrozza, a lawyer, explained that no one getting married thinks about divorce as a real possibility, yet 50% of couples will get divorced. The financial results of divorce can be truly devastating. Gwen Stefani didn’t get a prenup for her marriage to Gavin Rossdale, and it could end up costing her $60 million!


Even if you’re drowning in debt, Ann still encourages her clients to get a pre-nup because “being broke is temporary.” Ann said it’s important to look ahead and not dig yourself a deeper hole. The pre-nup is not only for the wealthier person. But how do you bring it up? Ann said timing is everything, so don’t bring it up right before the wedding.

Drs: Should You Get A Pre-Nup? + Holiday Snacks To Avoid

A lawyer joined The Doctors to explain why she always recommends her clients get a pre-nup, no matter how wealthy they are. (kerinin / Flickr)

Would you or have you gotten a pre-nup before your marriage?


The Doctors: Holiday Treats To Avoid

For The Doctors News in 2:00, they reported three holiday staples to avoid for a healthier holiday. The number one item on The Doctors’ holiday naughty list was egg nog. Between the egg yolks, heavy cream, sugar, and rum, the drink can contain 343 calories and 10 grams of calories in one cup. Next is fruit cake, which only contains fruit candied in sugar syrup. Plus the butter and alcohol, which puts one serving of the cake at 400 calories a slice. Third was the yule log, made from sponge cake, several layers of chocolate, and fudge, which has 387 calories per serving.

The Doctors: Seasonal Affective Disorder

Over the holidays, seasonal affective disorder can affect millions, caused by lack of vitamin D from sunlight. Lack of sunlight can lead to depression, which is why any opportunity to catch some sunlight should be taken advantage of.

The Doctors: Annual Christmas Show

The Doctors will premiere their annual Christmas show, giving them an opportunity to give back to hometown heroes like teachers, first responders, nurses, and wounded warriors. Gifts worth thousands of dollars are given out on the annual show, which is why it’s often compared to Oprah’s favorite things, except viewers at home can also enter to win online.

The Doctors: Hidden Danger In Your Home

For their prescription of the day, The Doctors reported that using a gas stove at home could be exposing you and your family to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide or fermaldehyde, equivalent to the risk of second-hand smoke. If you use a vent hood when you cook, the system can reduce levels by 60-90%.


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