The Doctors: Should You Freeze Your Eggs? + Are Blackout Tattoos Safe?


The Doctors: Businesswoman Considering Freezing Her Eggs

Amanda Bradford, creator of the dating app The League, developed the app hoping to help driven, high achieving people meet others with the same traits. Because starting a business has been time consuming, she’s had little to no time for dating. She turned 31-years-old, and began thinking about her future and having kids down the road. She’s worried that she’ll be so focused on her career that by the time she’s ready to have kids, it’ll be too late. She researched egg freezing and saw a doctor who counted her eggs, explaining that a woman her age typically have between 15 and 20 eggs per cycle and she had 17.


The Doctors: Looking Into Freezing Her Eggs

Drs: Should You Freeze Your Eggs? + Are Blackout Tattoos Safe?

The Doctors helped a woman think things through as she considered freezing her eggs for when she’s ready to have kids down the road. (xurxosanz / Flickr)

Amanda joined The Doctors to find out more about whether freezing her eggs is truly right for her. Amanda said she’s leaning toward it but would like to do it with a “community of women” for support. She joked about having a “wine, cheese, and eggs” night so the women could go through it together. She’s even considered building a platform in her app for women with fertility issues. She wondered how to prepare for the process in order to be sure a optimal number of eggs are harvested.


Dr Ashton answered that the best things for fertility, are the things that are best for your overall health. She suggested not smoking, eating well, and exercising. If Amanda were to wait until her 40’s to use the eggs, Dr Ashton explained that a woman in her 40’s going through a pregnancy is prone to issues like high blood pressure. Even if she uses eggs from when she’s 31, she would still be a woman in her 40’s carrying a baby.

The Doctors: Are Blackout Tattoos Safe?

Next, The Doctors shared pictures of a new tattoo trend called “blackout tattooing” that have many wondering if it’s safe. Blackout tattoos involved covering a portion of the body entirely with solid black ink. Skin expert Christie Kidd has several patients who have tattoos, including blackout tattoos, and said they make it extremely difficult for her to check their skin for issues. Not only do the tattoos make it hard to find moles, but sometimes the tattoo even covers the mole entirely. There’s also no good research available at the moment on the effects of that amount of dye being injected into the skin.

How do you feel about this controversial trend?

The Doctors: Weight Lifter’s Accident Turned Viral Video

The Doctors shared a video of 20-year-old Mattie Rogers, an aspiring weight lifter who posted a video of herself on Instagram that quickly went viral. The video shows Mattie losing her balance, dropping 235 pounds, and chasing after the weighted bar as it rolled toward the windows, eventually shattering them all.

Muscles was the word of the day and you can use the word muscles on The Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win the BFF miracle bodybuffer.

The Doctors: Elizabethkingia Bacterial Illness

It was then reported that a bacterial infection called elizabethkingia has been linked to dozens of confirmed sicknesses and at least 20 deaths in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois. According to the CDC, the mysterious bacteria exists worldwide and has been detected in river water and soil. Health officials are investigating how people are becoming infected. Symptoms include fever, chills, cough, joint pain, and, occasionally, a skin condition. The elderly and those with compromised immune systems are most at risk for the bacteria that has been known to cause meningitis.

The Doctors: Helping Those Affected By Autism

April is Autism Awareness Month and Dr Jennifer Berman and Dr Andrew Ordon were on the slopes in Aspen for a great cause. Light It Up Blue Aspen is an event to raise awareness and money to help children and families on the Autism spectrum in western Colorado.

The Doctors: “Containment” Premiere

In the new thriller¬†Containment, a deadly epidemic breaks out in a city populated by young and attractive people. Even doctors aren’t immune and the CDC takes center stage among the drama in the movie.¬†Containment will premiere April 19 on CW.


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