Drs: Scott Disick Using Controversial Drug To Treat Addiction


The Drs: Controversial Addiction Treatment

The Doctors shared that people are traveling all the way to Costa Rica to eat a poisonous plant, in an attempt to get over their alcohol addiction. Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend, is making headlines again for reportedly using psychedelic drugs to avoid more public displays of drunkenness. After conventional rehab attempts have failed him, Disick has turned to a rehab facility in Costa Rica for help.

Drs: Scott Disick Using Controversial Drug To Treat Addiction

The Doctors talked to the CEO of the rehab facility where Scott Disick is staying about the controversial drug being used to help treat his addiction. ([email protected] / flickr)


At the center of the treatment plan is an African plant called iboga, which is used in rituals that involve visions brought on by hallucinations. The plant is illegal and considered dangerous in the U.S., so many rehab facilities have sought asylum in countries like Costa Rica.

The Drs: Scott Disick Trying Iboga

The Doctors welcomed the CEO of Rythmia Life Advancement Center, where Disick is staying, Gerard Powell. He said the way the plant works is that it is used alongside other forms of therapy. He said he’s 51 years old and first used the plant seven months ago. Since then, he’s not had another cigarette or drink.

He said it worked for him and his son, who smoked weed and drank alcohol. Gerard said his rehab facility costs $800 a day, and it’s the only one in the world that offers a money-back guarantee.


The Drs: Controversial Drug Used To Treat Addiction

Dr Travis Stork said the best way to go about the treatment would be to offer it free and study hundreds of people, since there haven’t been any formal studies done on the use of the drug. Dr Rachael Ross pointed out that Scott Disick is at the rehab facility now and was actually paid by the facility to go there. Gerard said if it does work for him, he’s going to become a spokesperson and if it doesn’t, he won’t.

Dr Stork said he has a problem with going into addiction therapy with the idea that you could become a spokesperson, while Dr Ross acted like she somewhat understood what he was doing. Dr Stork said addiction is a personal journey and one solution doesn’t work for everyone.

The Drs: Unsafe Attempts To Treat Addiction?

Most addiction specialists would agree that you should steer clear of the drug, because it’s not ready for regular use to treat addiction. Dr Stork said to always make sure when you’re in the process of treating one thing, you’re not causing harm.

Gerard argued that the drug has been used since before recorded time. Dr Jennifer Ashton said to say something is natural because it’s a plant and it’s “been used in the bush” is not the same as saying it’s safe, because both marijuana and cocaine come from a plant. Dr Ashton said you have to be safe and “do not harm.”


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