Drs: Rude Note To Amputee + Shocking Groom Switch At Wedding


The Drs: Cruel Note To Amputee Goes Viral

Drs: Rude Note To Amputee + Shocking Groom Switch At Wedding

The Doctors shared the shocking rude note that was written to an amputee. People with disabilities are often victims of discrimination. (neilconway / flickr)

The Doctors shared that an argument between neighbors turned so nasty that a note from one of them went viral, causing quite an online commotion. A woman with a prosthetic leg left a note asking the neighbor not to use the handicapped parking space and got quite a shocking response. She lost her leg in an accident, but someone without a handicap placard starting parking in the handicapped spot. In response, she got note that included lines like:

  • “hey handicap”
  • “…You want pity go to a one leg support group…”
  • “go cry your struggles to someone who cares”
  • “I’m walking away with both of mine.”

The woman shared the note on Facebook, which quickly went viral. She has since filed a grievance with police. The Doctors talked to the woman, named Ashley, over the phone. She said she was newly handicapped and was shocked by the response. Dr Travis Stork shared that there were more than one million violent crimes against people with disabilities in 2012 alone.

The Drs: Shocking Note To Handicapped Woman

Ashley shared that she hasn’t seen the woman yet, and the local police department as well as her apartment complex are handling the situation very well, to ensure that she doesn’t have to worry about anything. The Doctors reached out to the apartment complex, who responded with the following statement: “We have had the opportunity to engage in discussion with Ashley and are taking this situation very seriously and will act appropriately upon further investigation.”

Dr Jennifer Ashton said the person who wrote the note needs serious help. How do you feel about the situation? Is Ashley handling it appropriately?


The Drs: Husband-To-Be Suffered Seizure & Bride Chose Different Groom

The Doctors then moved on and talked about the story of a groom who had an epileptic seizure during his wedding and collapsed. The bride then actually married another man from the wedding party. A woman in India did just that because the groom allegedly never revealed his condition to the bride, so she decided to switch husbands, asking a member of her brother-in-law’s family to step in and marry her instead, to which he agreed.

Dr Travis Stork said it’s such a cultural thing and they didn’t know the background at all, so there’s no telling what truly happened. The important takeaway is that it’s always good to disclose important information so that you don’t enter into a marriage with any secrets.

What would you do if this happened at a wedding you were attending? Do you have any crazy wedding stories to share?


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