Drs: Risky Medical Trials For Money + Model Tattooed Eyes Black

The Doctors: Student Participates In Medical Trials For Money

Dr Kristi Funk joined The Doctors to discuss some hot health headlines! They kicked things off by discussing a college student who gets paid thousands of dollars to participate in medical trials. She donates her live and healthy body to science, and so far has contracted both the typhoid and Ebola virus. Dr Travis Stork made a point to say that it was a dead Ebola virus, but it was still incredibly dangerous. He also pointed out that we need volunteers for medical science. Sian joined the show via Skype.


Sian explained that she was motivated by money because she lives in one of the most expensive cities in the U.K. She also liked the idea of helping medical science. For the typhoid research, she was paid 2,900 pounds and was paid 540 pounds for the Ebola one, which she said paid for a vacation to Florida. Sian admitted that her mom can’t stand what she’s doing, but makes a point that she’s an adult and can do what she wants.

Drs: Risky Medical Trials For Money + Model Tattooed Eyes Black

The Doctors spoke with a college student who has been purposefully injected with Ebola and typhoid for research and money. (sodaniechea / Flickr)

Dr Jennifer Ashton said Sian needed to take a closer look at the risks versus benefits, and make sure the benefits far outweigh the risks. Dr Stork argued that the experiments are controlled, but Sian actually did come down with typhoid, so it just goes to show that nothing is risk-free. Would you participate in a medical trial if it meant putting your health at risk?


The Doctors: Model Tattoos Eyeballs Black

The Doctors then moved on to share images of an Italian model who has over 60% of his body covered in tattoos, including his eyes. He purposefully injected his eyeballs with black ink, because he wants to look like an alien. Eventually, he wants 90% of his body covered. Dr Kerry Assil pointed out that in our society, people tend to go to great lengths to make their eyes appear more white, so it’s incredibly rare for someone to try to bring attention to themselves this way. He further explained that in order to achieve the black-eyeball look like the model, the sclera has to be injected, which is the deeper layer of the eye. That ink is completely 100% permanent, unlike tattoos which can be removed. The model even risked a serious infection by injecting himself with the ink.

The Doctors: Give Up Smart Phone & Use A Dumb Phone

Next, so-called Smartphone Refusniks are people who are completely fed-up with constant smart phone use, so they toss their smartphone and purchase a “dumb phone” instead. A dumb phone only works to take and receive calls, nothing more. Dr Funk argued that in reality, a dumb phone would be perfect for young kids or the elderly. Dr Stork reported that the average person spends five hours a day on their smart phone. He doesn’t even use social media, but admitted that his smart phone has become a permanent fixture in his life.

Would you give up your smart phone and trade it in for a dumb phone?


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