Drs: Rekindling Old Romance + Chlamydia & STD Epidemic


The Doctors: Reconnecting With An Ex

Adele has become known for her heartbreaking love songs, but according to a study done by a dating website, her latest song “Hello” has inspired 64% of women to contact their exes to try to get back together. Part of moving on from a past relationship is detaching yourself physically and psychologically, but sometimes people go back to their exes because they’re familiar and they know they can be comfortable with them. Another study found that 72% of reunited couples ended up in a long-term relationship and 2/3 got engaged or married.


The Doctors: Rising Chlamydia Rates

The Doctors: Rekindling Old Romance + Chlamydia & STD Epidemic

The Doctors discussed the CDC’s recent report about the chlamydia epidemic in America. (20after4 / Flickr)

A new report by the CDC shows 1.4 million reported cases of chlamydia in the United States which was up almost 3% from 2013 and is the highest reported number of annual cases ever reported to the CDC. Chlamydia is the most commonly reported STD and STDs in general are on the rise. So many people are asymptomatic which means it’s hard to tell whether you have it or not, but it’s clearly an epidemic. It’s good to know that now, men and women can be tested for STDs with a urine sample, not a painful test.


The CDC believes reduced funding to certain clinics is leading to the increase. There’s the Mobi Lab in prototype phase that costs $2 a test which can be done at home with a general swab, to test for STDs in the comfort of your own home. It’s important to deal with the social stigma of STDs that can keep people from getting diagnosed, because chlamydia is actually easy to treat in both partners.

Women should also get a test a few weeks later to make sure the treatment is successful. HIV is an STD that you should also be worried about, so it’s not just about chlamydia.


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