Drs: Reconstruction After Attack + Food To Eat During Pregnancy

The Doctors: Dental & Facial Repair After Brutal Attack

Earlier in the season, The Doctors shared the horrifying story of a young woman who was viciously attacked by strangers at a gas station. She was hit in the face with a pipe leaving her scarred and disfigured, with a constant reminder of that night. Jessica met with two specialists for a consultation and once she was clear, worked with Dr Kourosh Maddahi and Dr Parvaz Mizrahi to repair the damage and give her the smile she wanted. Jessica also saw Dr Andrew Ordon to make her lips look less disfigured and to repair the muscle that was damaged.


Jessica then revealed her brand new smile, proving that she looked as if she had never been involved in the attack at all! There was no denying that she was completely overjoyed at the ability to smile like normal again, with symmetrical, normal-looking lips and perfect teeth. All three of her doctors were thrilled with her results, and The Doctors sent a big thank you to The Hollywood Hotel for letting Jessica stay there during her recovery.

Drs: Reconstruction After Attack + Food To Eat During Pregnancy

Dr Jennifer Ashton recently came out with a book that helps expecting mothers determine what foods are good and bad for pregnancy, and what snacks help with morning sickness. (alphaone / Flickr)


The Doctors: What To Eat During Pregnancy

American women who are of child-bearing age don’t get enough vitamin A, 78% percent aren’t getting enough vitamin D, and 92% aren’t getting enough fiber. Plus, a CDC report found that 16 million American women are at risk of an iron deficiency. It’s more important than ever, during pregnancy, to be sure you know what foods are best for your body. Dr Jennifer Ashton has a new book out, “Eat This, Not That When You’re Expecting.”

Dr Ashton shared that the most common questions she’s asking by pregnant women and those trying to get pregnant have to do with what they should or shouldn’t eat, as well as gaining the right amount of weight. If you’re pregnant and experiencing a lot of morning sickness with vomiting, try soothing foods like ginger, tomatoes, crackers, avocado, and citrus foods in small amounts throughout the day. For pregnancy-related heartburn, try cranberries and chewing gum.

For me, plain cereal like Cheerios and caffeine-free beverages like Sprite and Ginger Ale were my morning sickness saviors. Have you found any pregnancy-related foods to be extra soothing or irritating for you or a loved one?

The Doctors: First Plus-Size Male Model

On a different note, have you noticed that when talking about plus-size models, only females are mentioned? Recently IMG Models launched a “brawn” division specifically for plus-size male models. Zach Miko is the first model to be officially signed to a major agency as what they’re calling a “brawny model.” The model is also a comedian, musician, and blogger. He made headlines months before, for being Target’s only plus-size male model. He’s 6’6″ with a 40-inch waist.


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