Drs: Protect Children From Attempted Abduction + Uterine Fibroids


The Doctors: Fillers To Improve Angry Resting Face

Have you ever been told you have “RBF” or a “resting face” that makes you look like you’re unhappy or even angry? You’re certainly not alone! Sue was tired of being asked “what’s wrong?” so she turned to Dr Jason Emer in hopes that the dermatologist could use fillers in her eyebrows, temples, and forehead to change the way she looks for the better. Even better, the injections required no down time, and left Sue with no bruising, yet a much more youthful look!

A little while later, Sue’s before and after was revealed, showing a younger looking appearance and a more pleasant resting face! Juvederm Voluma was injected professionally and it can last up to two years, although it costs $1,500-3,000 depending on how much you do.


The Doctors: Child Abduction Attempts

Drs: Protect Children From Attempted Abduction + Uterine Fibroids

With the help of a decoy, psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser wanted to show one mom how her kids would react in a scary situation, to see if she’s doing the right things to keep them safe. (keoni101 / Flickr)

On a different note, attempted child kidnappings are becoming more common, which has parents on high alert. Several attempts have even been caught on tape, showing just how bold some criminals can be. Psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser helped a mother of 11- and 9-year-old daughters conduct an experiment to find out what would happen if they were approached by a stranger or put into a potentially scary situation. Because the girls walk home from school, Elise and Stacy parked a block away to keep an eye on the decoy driver. They watched as their daughters first had a conversation with the driver, before, about a minute later, they sprinted away.


Ju-Riese Colon from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children explained that children are most vulnerable¬†when they’re walking to and from school. Some abductors are attempting to lure children in by asking for direction or offering candy or even puppies, while others will use physical force. Approximately 70% of abductions looked at happened by the abductor luring the child into their vehicle. Of course, there’s always strength in numbers and children should also choose a more public route home.

Have you had a conversation with your kids about what to do in that situation?

The Doctors: Belly Bump Turned Out To Be Large Fibroid

Switching gears, Dr Travis Stork asked members of the audience whether they’d ever experienced a sensation called a “food baby” in which they look as if they’re carrying a child after eating too much or eating the wrong things. Well for one woman, it turned into something much worse. Shorntay was getting bad cramps but didn’t pay much attention to it, until she lost weight and noticed that everything was slimming down except for her stomach. Also, because her stomach felt hard and she knew there was no way she could be pregnant, she spoke to her doctor.

It turns out, she had a large fibroid, stretching her uterus to the same size of someone who is 4-months-pregnant. She had to undergo a C-section to have the fibroid removed.

Dr Millie Behera shared that fibroids are found in up to 77% of women in their lifetime. If you notice heavy bleeding or bleeding with large clots during menstruation, as well as pain with your periods or with intercourse, you should speak with your doctor. Fibroids can affect fertility and potentially cause miscarriages.


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