Drs: Property Brothers Jon & Drew Scott + Home Health Hazards

The Doctors: Jonathon & Drew Scott

The Property Brothers, Jonathon and Drew Scott, have transformed the homes of so many lucky people, drastically improving their lives. The two handsome men joined the show to thunderous applause, joking that they’ve known each other for 37 years. They are very good about immediately confronting one another about an issue, that way it can get resolved quickly. Perhaps that’s how they’ve been able to successfully work together for so long. But if you ask them who’s older, they’ll tell you immediately that Jonathon was born four minutes earlier than Drew.


The Doctors: Potential Health Hazards In Your House

Drs: Property Brothers Jon & Drew Scott + Home Health Hazards

Jonathon and Drew Scott shared their tips for ensuring your home is free of potentially dangerous health hazards. (departmentofed / Flickr)

The real reason the Property Brothers came on The Doctors was to talk about their passion for not only creating a beautiful home, but a healthy one. One of their first tips was to pay attention to some of the smaller things that can quickly become big things if you don’t take care of them. One silent killer is a garage leak, because there are hundreds of deaths a year from people who have bedrooms above or beside the garage. It’s code that you have to have all holes sealed to avoid carbon monoxide from a running car leaking into your home.


Another problem you want to avoid entirely or at least prevent at all costs is a rodent infestation. They shared that they’ve actually opened up walls to find nests of thousands of rats in the drywall or floors. If you see droppings, hear scratching, or even smell something off, you need to immediately take care of the problem. One of the easiest ways to prevent the problem in the first place is by walking around the perimeter of the home and sealing any holes. Often times an electrician or plumber can leave a hole by accident, and a rodent can fit through a hole that’s less than half an inch big.

Besides the fact that it’s completely gross, rodents carry all kinds of diseases. In just one week, a pair of mice can leave more than 1,000 droppings.

The Doctors: Hidden Mold Or Allergens

Another potential health hazard is hidden allergens and mold. If you walk into a house and smell something, you should immediately deal with. Plus, black mold is not the only toxic mold. Not to mention, you can’t tell how toxic mold is just by looking at it. If you see signs of mold or even moisture, you need to take care of it and not just cover it up.

Jonathon and Drew are authors of the new book “Dream Home.”


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