Drs: Processed Singles Warning + Dangers Of Butt Injections


The Drs: Processed Singles Warning

Drs: Processed Singles Warning + Dangers Of Butt Injections

The Doctors took a closer look at what’s in processed singles that aren’t good for us. (successo images / Shutterstock.com)

The Doctors talked about processed cheese singles and the trend circulating the internet showing off their indestructibility. People are taking a flame to processed singles to show that they won’t melt, just burns instead like plastic. So what are processed singles made of?


So the question is, why does the product melt on a sandwich but then burn when you light it? Dr Travis Stork explained that processed singles are made with emulsifiers, which are also found in salad dressings and chocolate, to hold the fat together. At the right temperature, it will melt, but at too high of a temperature, it will just burn because the emulsifiers are bound so tight. Dr Rachael Ross said it stinks  too.

The Drs: What’s In Processed Cheese Singles?

Dr Stork said real cheese can be a great addition to a meal, but processed singles aren’t the way to go. Dr Ross shared that one slice has 75 calories and 200 mg of sodium, and less than 55% of it is cheese. She said it won’t even say cheese on the package, but instead said pasteurized processed cheese product.

The Doctors wanted to know if their viewers would still eat processed singles after seeing this, and 39% said yes while 61% said no.


The Drs: Near Death From Cosmetic Procedure

The Doctors then moved on to show the real cost of beauty and the “pursuit of perfection.” One model named Andressa Urach aspired to be “Brazil’s best butt,” but a massive infection sent her into septic shock and started rotting her legs. It happened because doctors pumped ten times the amount of cosmetic filler into her body than what’s considered safe. She had decomposing muscle oozing from her body.

Dr Drew Ordon explained that she was using fillers that are approved for use in small amounts in the face. He said the only legit way to enhance your rear safely is with implants or by using your own fat. Dr Ordon explained that butt implants are more solid than breast implants because they’re filled with a gel.

The Drs: Butt Enhancement Danger

Dr Ordon then explained that when you inject into the buttock, you want it to disperse evenly, into the tissue. In a case where they inject too much, it pools, which can cause infection. He said it pooled, went down her leg and sat there, and then got secondarily infected, causing septic shock. Septic shock affects every organ system in your body and in Andressa’s case, her kidneys shut down and she went into respiratory failure. She nearly died, when just a couple weeks before she won second place in a women’s butt competition.

Dr Ordon said this is doctor’s using injectibles in an off-label use, and said “you can call it criminal.” Dr Ordon said you should be happy with what God gave you and if you want to enhance your back side, try exercise or padded clothes before going to plastic surgery. He said it’s the “year of the rear, but let’s be sensible.” Dr Rachael Ross said the butt injections are never safe, no matter what or who tells you they are. Dr Ross said you have to go to a board-certified plastic surgeon.


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