The Drs: Prison Stay For Reality TV + $7 Tool Saved Mom’s Life


The Doctors: Reality Show Imprisons Volunteers For 60 Days

Reality shows are more popular than ever and the themes range from Housewives to Dancing with the Stars and even surviving in the wild. But would you spend 60 days in prison? A preview for an upcoming new reality show explained that, for the first time ever, seven volunteers would be going undercover as inmates. No one in the jail would know that they were actually on a reality show, as they stayed in the prison for 60 days. Both men and women will face real danger as cameras catch everything they face 24/7. It’s called 60 Days In.


The Doctors first pointed out that it was clearly one of the most intense reality shows they’d ever seen, simply because other prisoners assume those seven people are normal prisoners. One participant had to drop out after allegedly being attacked by a fellow inmate. Dr Rachael Ross was the only doctor who admitted she would consider doing it, because she believes it would teach her a lot about the people behind bars and the culture there. She argued that 60 days compared to the amount of time others spend in prison is nothing.

The Drs: Prison Stay For Reality TV + $7 Tool Saved Mom's Life

Would you go undercover as an inmate and stay in prison for 60 days, just for a reality TV show? (pgbailey / Flickr)

Would you participate in 60 Days In?


The Doctors: Romantic Comedies Make Women Tolerant Of Stalkers?

The Doctors then moved on to discuss a study that says women may have become more tolerant of potential male stalkers and their behavior because of romantic comedies. Reportedly, watching movies like Love Actually or There’s Something About Mary in which male characters engage in stalker-like behavior, can lead women to be more accepting of obsessiveness or aggression from male partners. Dr Andrew Ordon said the correlation could come from being entertained by or enjoying the movie, that features a man who has features that are “a little off.” Dr Jennifer Ashton was simply blown away by the fact that people actually studied this!

Do you believe that a movie could influence your intuition, potentially putting you at risk?

The Doctors: $7 Tool Saved Mother & Son’s Life

Next, The Doctors shared a story of a woman who managed to save both herself and her three-year-old after they were rear-ended on the freeway. As smoke filled the car, her seat-belt locked, trapping her. She immediately thought of her 3-year-old, and remembered a tool she bought six years ago. The $7 tool includes a seat-belt cutter, which she pulled out of her side compartment. She cut herself out of her seat-belt, jumped into the backseat and cut out her son who was trapped as well. She suffered a back injury in the accident, but recognized that she’s truly lucky to be alive.

The Doctors: GI Film Festival For The Troops

In a Doctors’ Special Report, it was shared that the GI Film Festival, also known as “Sundance for the troops,” will open in Theaters April 7 2016, for one night only. The movie features a special message from First Lady Michelle Obama and is a cinematic tribute to our troops, allowing audiences to recognize veterans who have served in recent wars and to reflect on service in past years. The festival will present two short documentaries, The Real Inglorious Bastards and Climb: The Rob Jones Story.

The event was created through the GI Film Group in partnership with Fathom Events.


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