Drs: Prevent House Fire + Hope After Failed Clubfoot Surgeries


The Doctors: Is Your House At Risk For A Fire?

There’s an estimated 350,000 home fires each year and your home could be at risk, without you even realizing it. With the help of home improvement expert Eric Stromer, The Doctors wanted to share what “ticking time bombs” could be hiding in your home. Approximately 14,000 fires happen from combustion every year.

Rags soaked in linseed oil, which is used as a furniture protector or stains for your deck, are often just left lying around, especially by contractors. Over time, they can potentially create heat and burst into flames causing fires. Be sure to make sure contractors take their rags and dry them out somewhere that air can get to them. Additionally, you should grab a metal container to put the rags in after you dry them out. Don’t put them in the washing machine because that can result in an explosion and fire!


The Doctors: Protect Your Home From Fire

Drs: Prevent House Fire + Hope After Failed Clubfoot Surgeries

There are several potential fire hazards likely lurking around your home, but do you know what to look for? (rjshade / Flickr)

If you have an outlet with an extension cord and quite a few things plugged in, you could be overloading the outlet and increasing the chances of a fire. If you’re using a power strip with a circuit breaker, you’re much better off because it will shut off automatically if it’s overwhelmed. But you don’t want to add another set of additional outlets on top of it. One like this can keep your home safe, as well as just keeping it simple.


If you have a dryer in your home, always clean out the lint. But there’s a venting system that comes out of the bottom and if it kinks, lent can build up or it’s vented incorrectly. Instead, go for ridged tubing that’s under 20 feet long.

The Doctors: Born With Clubfoot & Struggling After Failed Surgeries

Switching gears, Dr Travis Stork explained that one woman’s childhood diagnosis was still causing her pain 40 years later. She explained that she was born with severe bilateral clubfoot. Her feet were twisted and her toes pointed inward. Her left foot was worse than the right. When she was 2, she had surgery on her left leg, and then underwent two additional surgeries when she was 12. She was told she needed to undergo another surgery but refused. One day she ran away from home and has been on her home ever since.

She didn’t think much about her feet until she turned 40, when the pain was so severe she could hardly walk. She saw a doctor and learned that her right Achilles tendon needed to be repaired. Four months after that surgery, her left one needed an operation. From there, her foot seemed to twist and position in a way that made her feel like she was walking on her leg bone. For the next seven years, sh was in a wheelchair. An orthopedic surgeon told her that he could put her foot at a correct 90-degree angle, but the moment she woke up from the 16-hour surgery, she knew it had failed.

Her toe was pointing toward the floor and is fused that way. She now has to hyper-extend her knee to walk and her hips are 19 millimeters off, causing severe pain in her right hip, S.I. joints, neck, and back. She desperately just wants to talk again without pain.

The Doctors: Solution For Painful Clubfoot

Her name is Kelli and she shared that she was told to start considering amputation. Dr Ali Khosroabadi explained that Kelli needed surgery to reconstruct her foot, but because it’s so twisted inward, it would be a complete reconstruction with the use of external fixation. He would have to cut the bone in a specific area of the foot and apply the device onto the leg to hold the bone and begin manipulating it in the desired way, typically about a millimeter a day. Dr Ali estimated that within 40-60 days the foot would be in the desired position.

Dr Ali offered that surgery and all the corresponding visits to Kelli, free of charge. We can’t wait for an update on Kelli’s story to find out if the surgery and fixation worked for her!


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