Drs: Prescription Drug Documentary + How To Wear A Wig


The Doctors: ‘Prescription Thugs’ Documentary

The United States consumes 75% of the world’s prescription drugs yet we make up just 5% of the world’s population. There’s a new documentary Prescription Thugs that highlights that exact issue. Chris Bell is the filmmaker behind the documentary, reporting that every 19 minutes someone dies of an accidental overdose, which is why it’s truly a national epidemic. Chris joined the show to loud applause, explaining that the catalyst for the film was the death of his brother from a drug overdose.


Chris was a power lifter and eventually had to have double hip replacement surgery because of a genetic condition and years of impact. One of his new hips caused him so much trouble that he ended up on prescription painkillers and muscle relaxers, that he abused for three years. Chris said patients should be asking their doctors more about the drugs they’re being prescribed and why.

Drs: Prescription Drug Documentary + How To Wear A Wig

The filmmaker behind a new documentary on prescription drugs joined the show to talk about why he knew the topic was so important. (angela_sleeping / Flickr)

To learn more about the prescription drug epidemic in our country, check out Chris Bell’s documentary.


The Doctors: How To Confidently Wear A Wig

Next, The Doctors revealed one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets: wigs! Amy Gibson, author of “Sex, Wigs, and Whispers” shared tips for anyone who wants to wear a wig comfortably and feel sexy. Amy suffered from alopecia since a young age, so she has personal experience wearing wigs and wanted to help other women. Wigs can be for any woman who simply wants to change her look, or those with a medical condition that has caused hair loss. To keep the wig from falling off or moving, you can wear a band or two-sided tape.

Any woman can wear a wig and feel confident that, if done correctly, no one will even know it’s not their real hair!

The Doctors: Instantly Ageless Review

Next, The Doctors welcomed dermatologist Dr Sonia Batra to take a closer look at a cream that claims to instantly remove under-eye bags. The Doctors put Instantly Ageless to the test, showing that just a small amount of the cream is applied to puffy bags under the eyes. A protein that relaxes the muscle is one of the ingredients, and the cream also caused tension in the skin to pull the skin back, diminishing the look of under-eye bags. It can last 6-9 hours and won’t help with dark circles, but certainly proved to help with puffiness.

The Doctors: What Are Woolies?

Next, The Doctors shared pictures of Woolies, which are garments that are worn head-to-toe to keep you warm. Dr Andrew Ordon then walked out wearing one of the woolies, a full-length green wool garment that did nothing but make him look absolutely ridiculous! Wardrobe was the word of the day and you can use the word wardrobe on The Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win a pair of Adoriana earrings.

The Doctors: Bernie Sanders Health Records

For The Doctors News in 2:00, it was reported that Bernie Sanders recently made his health records public, saying “Health is something that you don’t always control yourself – [it] has to do with genetics and everything else.” Sanders’ physician said his latest exam produced “normal” results and the 74-year-old was previously treated for hernias, vocal chord cyts, hypothyroidism, and the removal of superficial skin tumors. Sanders currently takes medicine for hypothyroidism and occasionally an anti-inflammatory.

The Doctors: Lego Wheelchair Figurines

Lego is launching a new line of characters that will include figurines with disabilities. The company unveiled the wheelchair lego after a campaign urged the company to represent children with disabilities in its toy sets.

The Doctors: Deadpool On Testicular Cancer

Ryan Reynolds, who stars as Deadpool, recently took on testicular cancer while dressed as the super hero. Approximately 8,500 men in the U.S. are diagnosed with testicular cancer each year, resulting in about 350 deaths. It’s one of the most treatable cancers if caught early.

The Doctors: Shop With A Cart Instead Of A Basket

The Doctors then ended the show by suggested that you push a shopping cart instead of carrying a basket. A recent study found that carrying a basket can cause shoppers to reach for quick-grab items, instead of taking the time to figure out what you really want or need.


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