Drs: Why Does Plane Food Taste Bad? + More Sweat Means Harder Workout?


The Doctors: Random Medical Questions

Dr. Travis Stork explained that in medicine, there’s an answer to just about every question. In a segment The Doctors called “Word to the Why’s,” they wanted to tackle some of the most confusing, troubling, and even random questions. Reader’s Digest‘s Liz Vaccariello joined Dr. Stork to share some questions she got from their September issue of Reader’s Digest, which is their “genius issue.”

The Drs TV: Why Does Airplane Food Taste Bad?

Drs: Why Does Plane Food Taste Bad? + More Sweat Means Harder Workout?

The Doctors went over some common medical questions, including why your voice sounds different when you listen to a recording. (videodoctor / Shutterstock.com)


The first question was “why does airplane food taste so disgusting?” Dr. Stork explained that scientifically, they say that the increased cabin pressure numbs your taste buds, while other researchers say at an increased altitude, your ability to taste decreases by up to 30%. Dr. Stork had a different philosophy: airplane food tastes bad because it is bad.

Liz Vaccariello said she’ll pack her own snack or lunch to bring with her on the plane.

The Doctors: Why Does Your Recorded Voice Sound Different?

The next question was “Why does your recorded voice sound so different?” Liz Vaccariello cringed at the sound of her own voice, saying it makes her crazy. Dr. Stork explained that when you hear your own voice, you’re only hearing the external vibrations but when you speak, the internal vibrations actually make your voice sound richer to you than if you were just listening to your voice on a recording.


The Drs TV: Does More Sweat Equal A Harder Workout?

The next question was “does sweating mean I’m giving myself a good workout?” Dr. Stork explained that sweating doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with how hard you’re working out, but has more to do with how hot or humid it is in the environment that you’re working out in.

Dr. Stork said he actually hates going to gyms where it’s cold. Liz said she’s the opposite, and needs to run where it’s cool or while it’s raining. Dr. Stork explained that sweating certainly isn’t the only predictor of how hard you’re working out.

Liz surprised everyone in the audience with a one-year subscription to Reader’s Digest.


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