The Drs: Pizza & Personality Connection + Sandbox Health Safety


The Doctors: Dad Lets Daughter Tattoo Him

Nothing’s cuter than hand-crafted artwork from a child. But what about a tattoo? One man allowed his daughter to tattoo a strawberry on his arm. Bob, the father and tattoo artist, explained that his daughter has always been inspiration and motivation for him. She’d been asking for months about tattooing him and finally he let her have a test run to make sure if she could control the machine and hold it correctly, and once she did, he got his tattoo!

He further explained that the first time she practiced, the machine had no needle and she practiced by going over his other tattoos. During the actual tattoo procedure, he was in control of the switch so he could turn it off at any time if needed.


The Doctors: How Do You Eat Your Pizza?

The Drs: Pizza & Personality Connection + Sandbox Health Safety

How you eat a slice of pizza could say a lot about your personality, but do you believe in the research? (cobaltfish / Flickr)

Just about all of us have experienced that moment when we just couldn’t resist a good slice of pizza. A body language and human behavior expert at Emory University connected the way people eat pizza and their personalities. The Doctors were excited to put it to the test. They looked at four different ways to eat pizza, one of which was the fold, which is the go-to way for Dr Andrew Ordon. If you like to fold your pizza, it could mean you’re a “driver” which means you’re a multi-tasker who is adventurous, bores easily, and isn’t afraid to take risks.


Dr Rachael Ross and Dr Travis Stork just go right in and bite their pizza. If you’re a “just bite it” kind of eater with your pizza, it could mean you’re a “careful corrector” which means you like to go with what you know. “I hate this test!” Dr Stork joked.

If you like to eat the crust first, it means you could be an “influencer” which is someone who is spontaneous and trend setting, dramatic, often talks loud, and loves attention. Finally, if you use a knife and fork, you could be a “supporter” which means you’re a warm and friendly team player who takes life at a relaxed place, provides a shoulder to cry on, and feels the most at home with a group of friends.

The audience didn’t seem to buy the research, but what do you think? Do you agree or disagree with the findings? What’s your go-to way to eat a slice of pizza?

The Doctors: Sandbox Health Hazards

For The Doctors’ News in 2:00, it was reported that a recent report detailed how sandboxes can expose children to parasitic germs that can cause severe infections. Experts advise that sandboxes should be covered when not in use, to prevent raccoon and other animals from using the box as their bathroom. The bottom of the sandbox should also be sealed. If you use a public sandbox, check to make sure it’s cleaned out regularly and covered when not being used.

The Doctors: Bedding Color & Bed Bugs

Researchers studied the behavior of bed bugs and found that the pests actually have strong color preferences. Bed bugs were found to be more likely to nest in red and black sheets or luggage of dark colors. The bugs tend to avoid the colors yellow, green and white. It was not determined why the bugs preferred certain colors over others.

The Doctors: Missy Franklin & Swim Lesson PSA

Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin is training for the summer Olympics in Rio. As a USA Swimming Foundation ambassador, Missy recently released a PSA along with her mom, to educate parents on the importance of swimming lessons for children. According to the PSA, swim lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88%. According to the foundation, drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional death in children under the age of 14 and 10 people drown each day in the U.S.


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