Drs: Paid To Prescribe Brand Names + Channing Tatum Interview


The Doctors: Physicians Paid To Push Brand Name Drugs

A doctor takes the Hippocratic Oath under which they promise to do their patients no harm, but does that hold true when it comes to the drugs some doctors push on their patients. Studies in the past have shown that it’s fairly common for certain doctors to take extra cash and perks from pharmaceutical companies, but a new investigation has found that those doctors who receive those types of patients do prescribe drugs differently on average compared to doctors who don’t. Plus, the more money the doctor receives, the more brand-name medications they tend to prescribe. But how big of an issue is this really?


Dr Travis Stork explained that the number of physicians involved in incentives from pharmaceutical companies is actually pretty low. It also occurs more often in Nevada, South Carolina, Alabama, and Kentucky as opposed to other states. Dr Stork encouraged patients to ask their doctors if they take industry payments and from whom. He added that in his experience, most doctors don’t take industry payments and will prescribe the best treatment available.

Drs: Paid To Prescribe Brand Names + Channing Tatum Interview

Are physicians getting paid to prescribe brand name drugs, even if they’re not exactly the best treatment available? ([email protected] / Flickr)


The Doctors: Broke Foot While Celebrating Graduation

The Doctors then revealed their word of the day: skills. You can use the word skills on The Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win 111Skin Space Antioxidant Booster and Anti-Aging Renewal Cream worth $500!

Next, The Doctors wanted to shine a light on a girl named Chelsea who was celebrating college graduation by asking a photographer to take some pictures of her. For one of the photos, the photographer suggested she jump for joy and while she did just that, making for the perfect picture, when she landed, she broke her foot. Since then, the photos of Chelsea throughout the rest of the day have gone viral.

The Doctors: FDA E-Cigarette Regulations

As part of their Doctors’ News in 2:00, it was reported that within the next 90 days, the FDA plans to ban the sale of e-cigs to anyone under the age of 18. New regulations will also allow the agency to review ingredients, scientific data, and possible dangers associated with e-cigarettes. The U.S. Health Secretary called the action “an important step in the fight for a tobacco-free generation.”

The Doctors: Channing Tatum, Carly Fleischmann Interview

A few seasons back, a young woman named Carly Fleischmann came on The Doctors to share her story of overcoming an Autism diagnosis at the age of 2 and having a condition that leaves her unable to talk. Carly is able to talk by typing into an iPad. She became the world’s first Autistic and non-verbal talk show host. Carly’s dreams came true when she recently sat down with actor Channing Tatum for a candid interview that has now been viewed nearly 2 million times on Carly’s YouTube channel “Speechless with Carly Fleischmann.”

Carly joked about helping Channing divorce his wife so that he could begin dating her, which got a good laugh from Channing and those who watched.


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