Drs: Outdated BMI Chart? + PTSD Cure For Accident Survivor


The Doctors: Should Your BMI Determine Your Health?

New research suggests that using body mass index, or BMI, to determine a healthy body weight, may not actually be as accurate as once believed. BMI has been used to determine a person’s overall health but calculating whether they’re overweight or obese. Some companies even used their employees’ BMI’s as a factor in determining health care costs. A new study found that using BMI to determine health, would label more than 54 million Americans unhealthy, even when they’re not. Scientists in the study also found that 47% of overweight people and 29% of obese people were considered unhealthy, based only on their BMI, but when compared to other health factors like blood pressure, they were metabolically healthy.


Dr Travis Stork then added that the Denver Broncos, who won the 2016 Super Bowl, have a team made up entirely of men who’s BMI’s would categorize them as obese. Dr Stork agreed that the chart is flawed because if you’re muscular, it’s going to tell you you’re overweight or obese. For some people, BMI can be effective, but body fat percentage and waist circumference matter too. Your body weight could stay the exact same as you put on muscle and burn fat, so it takes a lot more than a BMI to determine health.

Drs: Outdated BMI Chart? + PTSD Cure For Accident Survivor

Is the BMI chart truly an effective way to determine someone’s health? The Doctors weren’t so into the dated technique. ([email protected] / Flickr)

Do you think the BMI chart should still be used to determine your overall health or health care costs?


The Doctors: Injection Success For Car Crash Survivor With PTSD

The Doctors reminded everyone of a woman named Bethany, who was in a horrific car accident. Having her feet on the dashboard while in the passenger seat, led to severe facial injuries. The accident left Bethany with PTSD, so they sent her to see Dr Eugene Lipov to find out if the stellate ganglion block could help her find relief. After the first injection, Bethany didn’t notice much of a difference, she received another one and felt significantly better afterward. She shared that she even has more confidence driving now, and suffers far fewer negative thoughts. Dr Lipov explained that Bethany suffered from flat face and severe depression, and the smile on her face right after the injection showed the immediate difference.

The Doctors: Where Do You Wipe Your Boogers?

The Doctors then revealed that a recent study found people are putting their boogers in a lot of places other than a tissue! Approximately 56% of adults surveyed had no problem wiping their snot on other surfaces. Approximately 39% put snot on their clothing, 15% wipe it on the couch, and 7% admit to wiping boogers on public transportation seats.

Healthy was the word of the day and you can use the word healthy on The Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win a DoctorInsole orthotic insoles.

The Doctors: Steve Stefani Dance Marathon

For The Doctors’ News in 2:00, they sent a shout-out to people at Springfield High School in Pennsylvania, who will gather for the Steve Stefani Dance Marathon. The 15-hour dance marathon will benefit the Four Diamonds Fund at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital.

The Doctors: Viola Davis Injured During Love Scene

Viola Davis reportedly asked writers for How to Get Away with Murder to tone it down a notch when it comes to love scenes as she recovers from an on-set injury. The Emmy-winning actress said she actually through her back out while filming an intimate scene. The 50-year-old said she was committed to the scene, but asked writers to be less aggressive while she heals from the injury.

The Doctors: NASA Research After Man’s Year In Space

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly is now back from his 340-day trip to the International Space Station. Part of his mission was to allow NASA to document how his body reacted to micro-gravity and being in space for so long. Astronauts living in micro-gravity can experience problems with circulation and eyesight as well as loss of bone and muscle tissue. Another possible resulting condition is called the “Charlie Brown effect” where bodily fluids accumulate in the head, giving astronauts rounder, cartoon-like faces. Kelly’s identical twin brother Mark has been serving as a control subject on Earth, so that researchers can better determine the effect of space travel on your health in terms of genetics.

The Doctors: Check If Your Avocado Is Ripe

For The Doctors’ prescription of the day, Dr Travis Stork shared a trick to determining the ripeness of your avocado in just seconds. Flick the brown stem off the avocado. If it comes off easily and you see green, it means it’s ripe. If it’s still brown, it’s likely not ready to be eaten. If it’s really dark brown, it may be too late to enjoy it.


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