The Drs: Nurse Drunk At Work + Jail Time For Mom Who Faked Cancer


The Doctors: Nurse Drunk While Helping Surgery?

Attorney and child advocate Areva Martin once again joined The Doctors to discuss a few hot headlines. First, they looked at the shocking story of what happened when a patient entered a Virginia hospital for an emergency appendectomy. A hospital worker discovered a drunken nurse was assisting in the emergency surgery. According to police, the nurse admitted to being intoxicated after drinking 4-5 beers and playing a round of slots. Once inside the emergency room, the nurse struggled logging into computers, preparing sterile materials, and even monitoring vitals during surgery. How was it even possible that the nurse was able to put everyone around him at risk?


Reportedly the nurse has resigned and was removed from patient care after the ordeal. However, he wasn’t charged with a crime, while many believe he should have been. Dr Jennifer Ashton explained that the nurse allegedly forgot he was on call. The Doctors wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but pointed out that he clearly made a poor decision. They couldn’t help but believe that other doctors or nurses should have stopped the man from even going into the surgery in the first place.

The Drs: Nurse Drunk At Work + Jail Time For Mom Who Faked Cancer

What happened when a nurse showed up to work after drinking 4-5 beers? The Doctors and lawyer Areva Martin explained. (scohoust / Flickr)

What do you think should have been the outcome of this situation?


The Doctors: Mom Behind Bars After Faking Cancer

The Doctors then moved on to discuss an equally-disturbing case of a woman who was sentenced to three years behind bars after she faked having stage IV ovarian cancer. One victim of the scam estimated that the woman likely received as much as $50,000 worth of money and gifts. In a statement, she said she is deeply sorry, and she’ll likely have to pay back some of what she was given. Even her own family was fooled, but did she actually break the law?

According to Areva Martin, the woman made false statements and solicited money under false pretenses, which are crimes. She’s a mother of five kids, all of whom she lied to. Now, she’s going to be separated from those kids, which is why Areva argued that she felt the woman deserved community service or house arrest, so that she can still be there for her kids. She also stated that the woman clearly needed mental counseling, to which Dr Ashton said that any woman who would go to that extent, is likely to commit other crimes as well.

Do you think the woman deserves to spend three years in jail?

The Doctors: Fired After Preventing A Robbery?

Next, The Doctors discussed a 26-year-old named Joe who spent years in the military, but became a different kind of hero when two suspects tried to rob the CVS store he ran. One of the intruders had a long screwdriver, and Joe disarmed the man, before pinning the other suspect against the doors. Joe was then fired by CVS, because allegedly he didn’t act the way the store wanted him to.

Areva further explained that the store has an obligation to protect all of its employees. What Joe did, was lock the doors, essentially locking the criminals inside the store with Joe and the other employees. CVS was particularly trying to send a message about employees taking matters into their own hands. Joe helped all other customers out of the store, but he still put other employees at risk. The good news is that Joe has now gotten dozens of new job offers!

How did this story make you feel? Do you think Joe should have gotten fired? What would you have done if you were in his situation?

The Doctors: Man Secretly Divorced Wife Years Ago

Before the commercial, The Doctors shared yet another attention-grabbing story. This time, about a man who wanted to protect his money and property, so he secretly divorced his wife of 20 years just four months after their marriage. Apparently he went through the divorce in the Dominican Republic so there’s no telling if it will actually hold up. Areva described the story as “creepy” saying that the man is 90-years-old and the woman did nothing but stay by his side and take care of him for 20 years. Apparently, the divorce didn’t follow the proper procedures, so the entire thing is questionable.


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