Drs: Non-Addictive “Super Morphine” + Fire Cider To Boost Health


The Doctors: Safer, More Powerful Alternative To Morphine

For anyone in medicine, managing pain is the goal, but recently addiction to pain management drugs has become an epidemic. The good news is that there is possibly hope on the way for the problem. Now, researchers claim to have discovered a safer and more powerful alternative to morphine, called super morphine. Endorphins that are found naturally in our own body, and scientists say they have the same pain-killing effects of morphine, but aren’t addictive.


Opioid deaths are up 200% since 2000, so it’s obviously a huge problem. Endomorphin is a neurochemical that gives you a natural high and the whole idea of pain management is to target the pain receptors without giving someone a high that they could get from narcotics. Endomorphin is found naturally in the body and is non-addictive. Scientists are still working on it at Tulane, so it wouldn’t even be ready for human trials for years. It could be another option available to treat chronic pain to prevent addiction before it starts.

Drs: Non-Addictive "Super Morphine" + Fire Cider To Boost Health

The Doctors shared news of a possible new solution to chronic pain that is non-addictive, being called “super morphine.” (andresrueda / Flickr)

Do you think more research for non-addictive pain management is needed? Do you think it could help the addiction epidemic?


The Doctors: School Bans Holiday Celebrations

The Doctors then moved on to talk about a St. Paul elementary school who’s principal banned “dominant holidays” saying the festivities “suppress someone else’s view.” Many parents are outraged by the ban, while others applaud the principal’s action. The nearby district has banned celebrating birthdays, and it’s leaving many wondering if they’ve gone too far in an attempt to encourage diversity. Dr Rachael Ross argued that you would think if they wanted to celebrate diversity they would celebrate more instead of less.

How do you feel about the school’s actions? Do you think schools should celebrate holidays or was it a good idea to ban them?

The Doctors: New, Stronger Anti-Flu Drug

Next, The Doctors reported that researchers at the University of Washington Seattle may have discovered an anti-flu drug that could be more powerful than any anti-virals currently available. The idea is that it can seek out all the various strains of the flu, as opposed to the flu vaccine which works against what was believed to be the strongest strain that flu season.

The Doctors: Fire Cider To Stay Healthy

If you live up in New England, you may have heard about fire cider, particularly when it comes to protecting your health. Fire cider is made with apple cider vinegar, oranges, wildflower honey, lemons, onions, horseradish, ginger, habanero peppers, garlic, and turmeric. The unsweetened version is the same without the honey. The Doctors had several people take a shot of the fire cider and opinions were pretty mixed. Most agreed that it wasn’t tasty at all but a couple people didn’t seem to mind it.

Dr Travis Stork, Dr Ross, and Dr Andrew Ordon took a shot themselves, saying it was super spicy but not all that bad in terms of flavor. Dr Stork said he would more likely take a spoonful as opposed to a shot glass full. Dr Ordon was brought a martini called a Scorched Earth that was made with the fire cider and vodka, and agreed that it was much better that way! Dr Stork said hard alcohol is easier to drink than the fire cider, saying the vodka “softened it!” So perhaps it’s a new, healthy alcohol beverage we should all try!

How do you think you’d handle a shot of fire cider?


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