Drs: New Hampshire Breastfeeding Debate + Fake Plastic Surgeon


The Doctors: New Hampshire Representatives Bash Breastfeeding

A fight recently broke out in New Hampshire over an anti-nudity bill. State Representative Amanda Bouldin vented anger on Facebook before realizing that the bill exempted breastfeeding. But fellow Representative Josh Moore rudely mocked her stance posting “If it’s a woman’s natural inclination to pull her [breast] out in public and you support that, than [sic] you should have no problem with a mans inclantion [sic] to stare at it and grab it. After all… It’s ALL relative and natural, right?”

Another New Hampshire Representative Al Baldasaro also insulted Bouldin by saying “Amanda, No disrespect, but your [breast[ would be the last one I would want to see. You want to turn our family beaches into a pervert show.”


Dr Jennifer Aniston was furious over the story, saying that not every part of a woman’s body has a sexual purpose. Dr Ashton said the insults from the two male representatives took it to a personal level. At the end of it all, Josh Moore wrote another statement saying that he fully supports a mother’s right to breastfeed and said that he was in no way appropriating assault as a response to public nudity. He also added “I have always defended family values and will continue to do so.”

Drs: New Hampshire Breastfeeding Debate + Fake Plastic Surgeon

The Doctors discussed a few of the comments made by state representatives in New Hampshire over the issue of breastfeeding and nudity. (unicefua / Flickr)


The Doctors: Fake Plastic Surgeon Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison

The Doctors then moved on to share news of the man who called himself a plastic surgeon, and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. He was found guilty on over 30 felonies after performing illegal operations on at least nine women using a fake clinic to assault the women while they were unconscious. The harmful procedures were so severe he endangered several lives. He had absolutely no medical background whatsoever. He preyed on mainly non-English speaking women who simply didn’t know any better. Yet another reason to always check credentials.

The Doctors also made a point to say that if you ever hear or see the term “cut rate” referring to plastic surgery, “run for the hills” because it’s a sham.

The Doctors: Patients Can Sue Doctors For Over-Prescribing Medicine

Next, The Doctors reported that the West Virginia has a known drug problem, and now a new law has been passed allowing patients to sue their regular doctor for over-prescribing. Dr Ashton said it was “concerning on so many levels” because it can have a backlash on the patients who suffer from chronic pain and need legitimate prescription pain management. The problem is there are pill mills with doctors who are over-prescribing narcotics to make quick money, and people are dying because of it. In that case, doctors should be held to criminal charges, in the opinion of Dr Travis Stork. But then you also have good doctors who are simply trying to treat their patients’ pain, and people will accidentally overdose. It will cause doctors to stop prescribing medications, even when they should.

The Doctors: Tinder Promoting Health Safety

Previously The Doctors debated the connection between dating apps like Tinder and a spike in STDs. Now, Tinder has announced that a health safety section is being added to its website with a locator link to free HIV and STD testing in your area. AHF applauded the action and is removing its billboards targeting Tinder.


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