The Drs: Nearly Fatal Bike Ride + What To Do If You’ve Been Impaled


The Doctors: Nearly Fatal Bike Ride

Dr. Travis Stork shared that biking is one of his favorite exercises, but for one of The Doctors’ viewers, Laura, an innocent bike ride turned into a nightmare.

Laura shared that one Thursday morning, she had just gotten off work and decided to go for a bike ride. She explained that at the end of the ride, she hit a curb and flipped over the handlebars, which caused the left handlebar to go into her right thigh. Two ladies saw the whole fall happen and one of the ladies took her sweatshirt and wrapped it around her leg to try to stop the bleeding.


She said she saw all the blood and thought, “This is it.” She said by the time she got to the E.R., her mom walked in right after her. Her mom then explained that at that point, they knew she lost a lot of blood, and her lips “were as pale as her skin.”

The Drs: Nearly Fatal Bike Ride + What To Do If You've Been Impaled

The Doctors took a closer look at the story of a woman who was impaled by her bike handlebar. (S_Photo /

Laura went into emergency surgery, and that’s when they found that she had punctured the artery and vein in her thigh. Laura’s mom said she was very grateful that everyone was where they were during that moment on that particular day.


The Drs TV: Woman Impaled By Handlebar

Laura and her mom joined The Doctors on the show just three months after her nearly fatal accident. Dr. Stork held up the bicycle handlebar that impaled Laura, which was truly shocking to see.

Laura said all she can really remember is hitting something and tumbling over. She shared that the fact she can walk again is recovery enough, but said part of her leg is numb and her knee gives out and throbs occasionally.

Dr. Stork used an animation to show what happened to Laura and explained that anytime you puncture an artery, it can lead to death. Seeing the animation made it all that much more shocking. The handlebar luckily punctured a small artery and barely missed the common femoral artery which can lead to such severe blood loss that you could exsanguinate, or basically die.

Dr. Stork said he sees bike handlebars as a weapon because if someone is hit hard with the handlebar, it can do severe damage without even breaking the skin. In Laura’s case, it actually broke the skin. Dr. Stork said he once actually broke a rib from landing on a handlebar while mountain biking.

The Doctors: What To Do If You’ve Been Impaled

Dr. Stork explained that if you’re ever impaled by a blunt object and it breaks through the skin, if you can, don’t move it around. If you’ve ruptured a blood vessel and you pull the object out, it could lead to exsanguination.

He explained that while the object is stuck in you, it’s basically stopping the bleeding. He said you should be careful to keep it in place and build layers around it to hold it and keep it from moving.

He then explained that if you do take it out or it comes out on its own, direct pressure is potentially the only thing that is going to save your life in that circumstance.

Laura’s mom said she’s very thankful for medical professionals. Dr. Stork even said that it was unbelievable that the handlebars were able to break the skin, and couldn’t imagine the amount of force it took for the bar to penetrate into her leg all the way to the bone.


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