Drs: Too Much Health Care? + Over-Testing & Baby Doll With Genitals


The Doctors: Too Much Health Care?

On The Doctors, Dr. Travis Stork explained that finding the right diagnosis is critical, but could there be such thing as too much medical care?

The Institute of Medicine estimates that 30% of all testing is unnecessary, and it’s not just wasteful, but it’s dangerous as well, because each test comes with risks. Dr. Stork said one of the risks that people may run into is over-testing, over-diagnosing, or even the wrong treatments. He said there are times where he’s in the emergency room and he’s seeing patients who received the wrong medication and had an adverse reaction to it.


Drs: Too Much Health Care? + Over-Testing & Baby Doll With Genitals

The Doctors discussed the issue of over-testing and whether there’s such thing as too much medical care. (Macrovector / Shutterstock.com)

Dr. Jennifer Berman explained that maybe doctors are sort of “covering theirselves” and Dr. Ordon said although it may look like you’re over-testing, for that particular patient, you may find something you wouldn’t have otherwise found. Dr. Berman explained that doctors want to make sure they’re not missing something.

The Drs TV: Over-Testing Patients

Dr. Ordon said over-testing has been a topic on the show for seven years now and the answer won’t be found simply. Dr. Ordon and Dr. Berman said a lot of patients are demanding and are asking for more testing as well.


Dr. Stork said doctors are aware there is over-testing, so the takeaway is to ask your provider about your options. Dr. Rachael Ross said you could also learn to be comfortable with not having to test. Dr. Stork said there are positives and negatives to everything in medicine. But just talk to your doctor about what your options are.

The Doctors: Anatomically Correct Baby Doll

Dr. Travis Stork then moved on to a different topic, and held up a baby doll, asking his audience how they would feel if the next time their kid was playing with a doll, they saw that underneath the play diaper, the doll was “anatomically correct.” Dr. Stork said the doll is now at the center of a controversy among parents.

A male doll being sold on the shelves of retailers has genitals, but many people are wondering if it’s okay to leave so little to the imagination for such young kids. Dr. Berman said when she was a kid she had what was called a “Baby Alive” and it has just a hole between it’s legs where “pee and poop” came out of.

Dr. Ordon said that as a kid, you might compare yourself to the doll and realize the difference. Dr. Berman said you can learn a lot from dolls, and said there is a stigma and embarrassment with so many body parts that young people struggle with.

Dr. Ross said it’s important for parents to talk to their kids about genitals and to use proper names for them, so that it decreases the stigma as it gets older. Dr. Berman said she thought the doll was too excessive for a 2-year-old, but because of the peeing, pooping, and eating, not because of the genitals. The doll could be great for older children.


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