Drs: Moving Forward, Getting Healthy After Husband’s Sudden Death


The Doctors: Stricken With Grief After Loss Of Her Husband

Latoya met an amazing man five years ago and they eventually got married. But just two months after they got married, her husband came home complaining of tightness in his chest. Because he was just 31-years-old, they both thought it was just a muscle tear or strain. One week later Latoya woke up to several calls and texts, advising her to call the hospital. Once she did, she was told to get to the hospital as soon as possible. Once she got there, she was told her husband had a cardiac event and didn’t make it.


For the first year, Latoya went back and forth between numbness and shock. Now, a year later, the pain is intense and “everything is compounding.” Because of her anxiety and depression, her health has declined. She’s gained about 45 pounds, her heart beats rapidly, and she’s come to realize that she needs help before things get worse.

Drs: Moving Forward, Getting Healthy After Husband's Sudden Death

After tragically losing her husband just two months after getting married, a young woman turned to The Doctors for help overcoming her damaging grief. ([email protected] / Flickr)


The Doctors: Grief Intervention

Latoya was sent to see life strategist Gary Coxe, who started a grief intervention. Latoya revealed that she’s still struggling with “why?” Gary immediately helped her realize that she didn’t have to automatically associate her love for her husband, with grieving. Latoya was still wearing her wedding ring, and when asked how she felt about taking it off, she said it made her uncomfortable because she still felt married. She recognized that taking the ring off, makes it “final” and if she were to take it off, she wouldn’t have the daily reminder of what she called the best day of her life.

The Doctors: Helping A Grieving Widow Move On

For Gary, Latoya’s wedding ring represented living in the past. He told Latoya that she had to put living in the future higher than the pleasure the ring was giving her at that moment. He explained that Latoya had to learn to leave her feelings and not be a slave to them. She knew she had to take it off in order for her to get to where she wanted to go. She believed that the ring was the little piece of her husband that she still had left, but then took her ring off and said to Gary, “He’s not coming back. The ring is not going to bring him back.”

Gary then asked Latoya what she was going to do to help her move on. She immediately said she would spend more time with her friends, get out of the house more, and even try online dating. Gary suggested she start by putting herself on an online dating website. When she mentioned volunteering, Gary got excited saying “that will clean your emotional hard drive out.” He suggested she look into that the very next day and Latoya laughed, which Gary pointed out was the first sign of her moving on.

The Doctors: Moving Forward After Great Loss

Latoya and Gary Coxe then joined the show, revealing that Latoya wasn’t wearing her ring. She explained that once she got past the fact that her ring was keeping her from moving forward and reaching her goals, she knew she had to take it off. She added that Gary helped her realize the ring was only a ring, and she carries her husband every day in her heart.

Because Latoya has been struggling with health issues, The Doctors also wanted to help her move toward getting healthy.

The Doctors: Taking Care Of Health After Traumatic Death

Latoya visited Dr Melina Jampolis, telling her that she was suffering from high cholesterol, extreme fatigue, and ankle swelling. She loves sweets and doesn’t tend to eat healthy, and hasn’t exercised hardly at all since her husband passed away. She won’t eat anything all day and then when she finally eats, it’s something like an ice cream sundae. She also saw Dr Mehran Khorsandi about her rapid heartbeats, dizziness, and sleep issues. She underwent an EKG, ultrasound, and blood test as well.

Dr Jampolis explained that although Latoya is overweight, she’s malnourished. She had no key nutrients in her diet, which meant Latoya was living on sugar. A lot of her symptoms could be caused by her diet, which is why she needed to transition to a healthier, balanced diet. She offered four more sessions to help Latoya build a foundation for a healthier lifestyle. Dr Khorsandi did a thorough analysis and didn’t find any severe issues, but noticed that her symptoms were similar to someone with a mild form of PTSD.

Latoya’s future was certainly bright thanks to the help of all The Doctors who were there to help her move forward. She also received 36 free personal training sessions with Zan Hamilton, as well as six months worth of Hello Fresh home deliveries to allow her to make healthy meals at home.


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