Drs: Movie Theater Germs + College Freshman Fitness Trackers


The Doctors: How Dirty Are Movie Theaters?

Could you be putting your health at risk by going to see a newly released movie? More than 200 million Americans visit movie theaters every year, which means a lot of people are sharing spaces and germs! There is no standard for cleanliness at cinemas, so The Doctors’ tested various surfaces at three different movie theaters to find out just how dirty they really are. Later in the show, The Doctors would reveal the shocking results!


When The Doctors checked back in to reveal the resuts, explaining that they tested three types of movie theaters for germs: a high-end cinema, a movie theater at a mall, and then a budget theater. They swabbed the arm rests, seats, cup holders, and the floor. ABC labs found that every theater had fecal growth in different places. The high-end theater had fecal matter on the arm rests and seats, the mall had fecal matter on the arm rests and floor, and the budget theater had fecal bacteria on the seats.

Drs: Movie Theater Germs + College Freshman Fitness Trackers

Do you know what kind of germs you’re coming into contact with every time you visit the movie theater? THe Doctors conducted an investigation to lear more about the gross germs! (ileohidalgo / Flickr)

Be aware next time you visit a theater and be sure to wash your hands. Avoid touching a potentially dirty space and then touching your face or food.


The Doctors: Boxes For Dogs While Owners Run Errands

Dog owners who love to bring their furry friends along with them as they run errands will often run into places that don’t allow dogs. Now, a service is offering a solution but letting dog owners put their pets in a box. The Dog Parker is a regularly-cleaned container monitored by webcams. The dog owner pays by the minute and some say it’s certainly safer than tying the dog up outside. But is the temperature of the box safe and is this really a good idea?

Dr Travis Stork explained that if the temperature is above or below a set number, the box won’t unlock to allow a pet owner to use it. But even then, it seems to be a bit cruel. It could potentially be traumatizing for the pet, and could even put their health at risk. Although they regularly clean them, you can’t guarantee they would clean it after every single use. It costs $12 an hour and there’s no water or anything inside the box for the dog. If a dog is inside the box for more than three hours, it’s taken to the pound.

Would you use one of the boxes for your dog?

The Doctors: Mandatory Fitness Trackers For College Freshman

The Doctors then moved on to talk about a college in Oklahoma who is making their freshman wear fitness trackers. The school collects and tracks their fitness data that will ultimately affect their grades. The goal is to prevent the “freshman fifteen” but have they gone too far? Dr Rachael Ross argued that there are so many other ways to promote good health on a college campus, while Dr Jennifer Berman explained that the fitness trackers made the physical education aspect easier to track and manage.

Students who visited the rec center at least 16 times a month averaged a 3.1 GPA or higher. It is known that there is a correlation between being active and performing well in school. Exercise is important to being successful in school, with research showing that just one hour of exercise can boost your mood, memory, sleep and attention span. The college’s goal was to get students to walk 10,000 steps  a day which is five miles. If you’re walking from class to class, that’s not too far of a reach.

How do you feel about the requirement? Is the college going about promoting good health the right way or have they taken things too far?

The Doctors: Controversy & Conspiracies Around Antonin Scalia’s Death

In a Doctors’ Special Report, it was explained that when a Texas judge decided not to order a post-morte examination on Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia, conspiracy theories including murder began to spread. Scalia, who was 79, was found in his bed on February 13. Media pundits immediately began scrutinizing procedures regarding the examination of Scalia’s room and the decision not to perform an autopsy. Even Donald Trump commented about a pillow being found on Scalia’s face, saying “[it’s] a pretty unusual place to find a pillow.”

Now, according to the Associated Press, the Texas judge who determined that Scalia died of a heart attack and chose not to have an autopsy performed, has received a letter from Scalia’s physician sharing a long list of Scalia’s seriou health problems. The letter explained that Scalia was an obese smoker with COPD, high blood pressure, degenerative joint disease, and sleep apnea. The conditions could put a 79-year-old man at risk for a potentially fatal heart attack. A defense attorney for the Texas county stated that the letter is “proof there was nothing fishy.”


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