The Drs: Model Charged With Kidnapping + Are You Sick Shaming?

The Doctors: Colombian Model Accused Of Kidnapping

Some people have no problem revealing what work they’ve had done, but others want to keep it all a secret. Colombian model Yeimi Ray and her sister are accused of kidnapping and torturing a rival as part of a revenge plot. The rival model reported created fake social media accounts of Yeimi where she posted pre-plastic surgery pictures. Yeimi and her sister are accused of throwing the model into a car and then attacking her. The woman claims the sisters cut off her clothes and hair, bit, electrocuted, and threatened her life. Yeimi has been arrested but her sister is still on the loose.

Dr Rachael Ross explained that many times, after someone acts out in revenge, they eventually feel bad about it, which is why it’s better to just let it go.

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