Drs: Miranda Kerr Skin Secret + Zika-Related Microcephaly In U.S.


The Doctors: Excessive Dog Yawning

Do you feel like you can usually tell what’s going on with your dog? According to Dr Jill Goldman, pet owners often misinterpret their pet’s behavior. For example, if you notice your dog yawning, you may think they’re tired, but they could actually be nervous if they’re yawning excessively and constantly licking their lips. If they’re in a new situation and feel uncomfortable, they could begin yawning a lot. But the occasional yawn is likely just a yawn!


The Doctors: Chlorella Supplements For Glowing Skin?

Drs: Miranda Kerr Skin Secret + Zika-Related Microcephaly In U.S.

Miranda Kerr credits a supplement for her glowing skin, but should you give it a shot? (evarinaldiphotography/ Flickr)

Miranda Kerr is one gorgeous woman, and she reportedly uses chlorella supplements on a daily basis. Chlorella comes from algae grown in Japan or Taiwan, but does it really work? Dr Travis Stork shared that chlorella is loaded in phosphorous, vitamin B1, and vitamin B6 as well as a variety of nutrients. You always want to be sure you’re getting legit product if you want to take it for the possibility that it could improve your skin, but don’t assume that it can help prevent serious medical conditions or cancer. Those claims may be a bit far-fetched.


Dr Andrew Ordon said you’re best off remembering S.H.P. which stands for sleep, hydrate, and protection from the sun. You should also eat the colors of the rainbow by eating as many natural, whole foods as possible.

The Doctors: Keep Your Hair Smelling Fresh

If you want to keep your hair smelling fresh throughout the day, spray some of your favorite perfume on your hair brush. Sometimes all we want is a bit of a sexy scent on our tresses! Tresses was the word of the day and you can use the word tresses on The Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win a one-year supply of SebaMed shampoo and conditioner, which was developed by dermatologist to protect the natural balance of your hair and scalp.

The Doctors: Elton John’s Oscar Viewing Party & AIDS Benefit

For The Doctors’ News in 2:00, it was reported that Elton John’s annual Oscar viewing party raised more than $6 million to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Sir Elton performed at the event, while his partner expressed the need to continue allowing more people access to testing and treatment. Charlie Sheen attended the party and shared that he is grateful to have helped people by coming out about his AIDS status.

The Doctors: Baby With Microcephaly Born In U.S. To Zika-Infected Mom

The CDC is confirmed that a woman who contracted the Zika virus while overseas, has given birth to a baby with microcephaly, a birth defect where the baby’s head is smaller than expect. The illness has now affected more than one million people in Brazil and there are currently 9 pregnant women in the U.S. who traveled to Zika-affected areas and have tested positive for the virus. The CDC is investigating the link between the virus and the birth defect in newborns.

The Doctors: Kevin Hart Promoting Good Health

Kevin Hart joined forces with Rally Health to host a fitness bootcamp that included yoga, cycling, massages, and dancing. Kevin believes in health and wellness and loves to put smiles on peoples faces by showing that he cares.

The Doctors: Organize Frozen Foods

Finally, The Doctors shared a trick to avoid a frozen food avalanche the next time you open your freezer. Try some binder clips and attach them to the shelves to hold bags and avoid an avalanche!


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