Drs: Menopausal Superhero + Dating App For Bacon Lovers


The Doctors: Menopausal Superhero

The Doctors kicked off their show talking about superheroes. They shared a clip from a new web series called Hot Flash: The Chronicles of Lara Tate, Menopausal Superhero. Amy, the star of the series, explained that she started having hot flashes and thought it should be a super power, giving her the idea to make a superhero out of it. It turns out that all 34 symptoms of menopause are turned into super powers somewhere!


Dr Jennifer Ashton was a huge fan of the web series and Danny, who co-created it with his wife Amy, explained that men empathize often, so the chance to put a comedic spin on something affecting so many women was such a fantastic opportunity. Dr Ashton said sometimes menopause can affect men as well, and Amy said it’s important to share what’s going on with your partner so that they can empathize and “go on the journey with you.”

Drs: Menopausal Superhero + Dating App For Bacon Lovers

The Doctors shared a clip from a new web series about a menopausal superhero before talking about a new dating app that connects bacon lovers. (kimtaro / Flickr)


The Doctors: New Treatment For Hot Flashes

Dr Ashton said there’s a product used in Europe for about 20 years and was just brought to the U.S. in the last year, called Relizen, that’s about 65-70% effective in reducing the symptoms of hot flashes. It’s thought to work via serotonin in the brain. It’s an option for women, as is hormonal and non-hormal therapy, as well as exercise and acupuncture.

Do think creating a superhero makes menopause much more approachable?

The Doctors: Mother & Toddler Topless In Time Square

The Doctors then moved on to talk about the women in New York City who walk around posing for pictures with tourists, usually wearing nothing but paint. One performer recently decided to bring her two-year-old daughter to work with her, who was also topless and painted. It didn’t go over well and the woman got no tips because everyone recognized it was inappropriate. Teaching a child to use their body to make money is not right.

The Doctors: Dating App For Bacon Lovers

Next, The Doctors shared that there’s a new dating app that actually uses your love of bacon. It’s called Sizzled and it’s the only dating app exclusively for bacon lovers. You can find people nearby you that love bacon and enter the kind of bacon you like, whether it’s thick, sweet, or crispy. If you like someone, you can “give them a high sizzle.” It’s not recommended that you eat a lot of it, but bacon certainly makes people happy! If it’s going to bring people together, why not?

The Doctors: Extreme Hoarding

Next, Dr Travis Stork moved on to share a photo of an 83-year-old Chinese man’s apartment, showing that he has a hoarding habit so bad that he not only blocked all the windows and doors of his own apartment, but of his neighbors’ apartments as well. The neighbors had to leave through the emergency exits until the man’s children called in 20 people and they removed all the items. Dr Stork said, for him, he believes in donating extra items and Dr Ashton said “when in doubt, throw it out.”


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