Drs: Men Experience Stressful Periods + Hand Sewn Into Abdomen

The Doctors: When Men Experience Periods

Men may sometimes have a hard time understanding what women go through during their “time-of-the-month.” Because of that, BuzzFeed recently took it upon themselves to conduct an experiment. What would happen if men had to experience the physical symptoms of menstruation for thee days? A woman acting as “Aunt Flow” for the experiment whipped up beet juice and cornstarch, then rigged up a device to simulate bleeding. She used a douche and a car siphon pump that the three men would wear to experience a relatively steady drip throughout the day.


One guy bled through his pants, while another one went to change his pad and got “blood” all over the floor. One of them literally had to go home and change his pants because his legs were covered in the red mixture, and as he shared the experience with the camera, all his girlfriend could do was laugh! She told him that she certainly had experienced that same thing before!

Drs: Men Experience Stressful Periods + Hand Sewn Into Abdomen

BuzzFeed conducted an experiment to find out what would happen if men got the chance to experience the pain of “the time-of-the-month.” (74285857@N05 / Flickr)

Another portion of the video showed one guy asking another for a pad. They expressed frustration with bleeding and changing their pads, and one even said he wished he could just go home, curl up, and watch cartoons! As for what the men learned from the experience, the first one said “so uncomfortable” before they all agreed they were so much more sympathetic to women.


Do you wish a man in your life could experience a period to develop better understanding?

The Doctors: Hand Sewn Into Stomach For 6 Weeks

The Doctors then switched gears to show an incredible yet shocking video of a man from Brazil. He made news after doctors managed to save his hand from being amputated after it was severely injured in a freak workplace accident. His hand was literally sewn into his abdomen in order to be covered by that protective flap of skin. He had to leave his hand there for six weeks. Dr Andrew Ordon explained that burying an injury under live skin actually isn’t new or even all that rare, and has been pretty effective regarding healing.

Would you agree to walk around with your hand inside your belly for six weeks if it meant avoiding amputation? Or would you rather just have your hand amputated?


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