Drs: Marijuana Smoking Bible Study + Tooth Engagement Ring


The Doctors: Stoner Jesus Bible Study Group

The Doctors heard from a woman who shared that her migraines were so bad that even if she could take away the pain with medication, it still took all her energy and she felt miserable. She got to the point where she would try anything, eventually leading her to a 10 milligram dose of cannabis, saying it made her migraines at least 90% better. She then went to CraigsList and explained that she was a 40-something soccer mom who loved weed and talking about the bible, and if those things appealed to anyone, she wanted to hang out.


She calls the group the Stoner Jesus Bible Study Group, and there are now several members of the group. Members claim smoking and reading the bible at the same time help to improve the experience. “Whatever gets you to God,” she said.

Drs: Marijuana Smoking Bible Study + Tooth Engagement Ring

The Doctors spoke with a woman who started a bible study group centered around smoking weed. (torbenh / Flickr)

The group members all live in Colorado where marijuana is legal. Deb, the woman who started the group, told The Doctors that her old church would likely have some issues with what she’s doing, but laughed, clearly showing it doesn’t bother her! Cyndi was the first responder to the ad, and they’ve been inseparable since! Cyndi described it as more of a fellowship, saying they also make edibles.


The Doctors: Mom Starts Weed-Smoking Bible Study Group

Deb admitted that she actually voted against both recreational and medical marijuana, and said she’s pretty conservatively at her core. But she noticed people with cancer and other diseases coming to Colorado to use marijuana to aid in their treatment. She was highly encouraged to try some edibles instead of her migraine medicine, and it seemed to keep her symptoms at bay. She said the entire experience brought her closer to God.

Dr Drew Ordon said he heard that Colorado has become the most sexually active state, and wondered if there was a correlation between that and the legalization of marijuana. Cyndi said it has well-known aphrodisiac effects for women over 40. Would you have responded to Deb’s ad on CraigsList? Do you support her decision to treat her migraines and study the bible the way she does?

The Doctors: Woman Used Ambulance As Taxi Service

The Doctors then moved on to their segment “You Called 9-1-1 For That?” A 28-year-old woman was recently arrested for alleged abuse of the ambulance service, after she called 9-1-1 and used an ambulance to get her to the hospital because her boyfriend lives next to the hospital! Now, when the ambulance goes to her house, it has to be accompanied by a police car, because she’s done it over a dozen times!

The Doctors: Couple Uses Wisdom Tooth In Engagement Ring

The Doctors then shared the story of a California couple who designed the bride-to-be’s engagement ring using the groom-to-be’s wisdom tooth. They wanted something a little more unique, so they cleaned and coated Lucas’ saved wisdom tooth and had a jeweler turn it into an engagement ring. Their engagement story went viral, causing a lot of criticism. The Doctors welcomed the couple to the show just a week before their wedding.


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