Drs: Manslaughter Charge After Suicide + Suing Over IVF Switch


The Drs: Charged With Manslaughter After Suicide

The Doctors shared that a Massachusetts teenager has been arrested on charges of manslaughter for urging her boyfriend to commit suicide. Over 1,000 texts between the couple revealed an ongoing discussion about the boy’s desire to commit suicide. On the day he killed himself, his girlfriend allegedly sent him a text that said “let me know when you’re going to do it.”

Drs: Manslaughter Charge After Suicide + Suing Over IVF Switch

The Doctors shared why a teen is being charged with manslaughter after her boyfriend committed suicide. (banspy / flickr)


Scariest of all were the texts that showed the boy got out of his truck and worried about leaving his family behind, to which the girl responded, “get back in.” He was found in his truck the next day, dead from carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Drs: Responsible For Suicide?

The charge was involuntary manslaughter because of the text messages and Dr Drew Ordon said, “As it should be,” because the guy was clearly calling out for help. She was aware of that, and had the ability to do something, but she didn’t. Dr Rachael Ross and Dr Jennifer Ashton pointed out that specifically with the “get back in” text, we don’t know the tone that was intended.

Dr Ashton said the wake up call comes from the fact that teen suicide is a huge problem. She said it’s a wake up call to help people figure out what to do if someone they know is trying to or wants to commit suicide. Dr Ashton said “this is a call 9-1-1 emergency.”


The Drs: Help Someone Considering Suicide

Dr Stork said you have to be careful, because the girl was just 17 years old and may not have known the true potential of her text messages. Her parents reportedly said their hearts have been and remain broken for the boy’s family and said their daughter is not the villain the media portrays her to be. Dr Ashton said teenagers are in a position where they can literally save someone’s life, which is why parents need to have the conversation with their kids.

If someone you know is suffering, seek help. It could save their life.

The Drs: Father Suing Over IVF Switch

The Doctors then moved on to share the story of a British man who is suing his ex-wife for $125,000, claiming that during IVF fertility treatments, she switched his specimen with that of her ex-lover. DNA tests proved that the child wasn’t his, so he wants his money back.

Dr Ashton said IVF is highly regulated, but in the past some mistakes have happened. Dr Stork explained that as the child got a little older, the “father” looked at the child and realized he looked a lot like his wife’s ex-lover. He then asked for the DNA test and realized his suspicions were right. The woman admitted that she did it on purpose. Dr Ross said if the man was actually playing the role as a father, it seems to her that would be his kid. Biology is not what makes a man a father.

Dr Stork said if the ex knew what was going on, it’s his responsibility to step in. Dr Ashton said this took IVF technology and distorted it. Plus, there’s a child involved who will have significant trauma. If you’re considering IVF, just make sure it’s board certified and safe.


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