Drs: Man Trying To Look Like His Pet Parrot + Driver Test Fail


The Doctors: Man Undergoes Surgeries To Look Like Pet Parrot

While sometimes owners post pictures of themselves looking like their pets, even The Doctors had never seen anything like a 56-year-old in the United Kingdom, who made news after revealing that he is going to extremes to look like his pet parrots. He has tattooed his face and his eyeballs, and even reportedly underwent a 6-hour operation to remove his ears. He says he is planning to turn his nose into a beak.


Liking your pet is one thing, but he needs psychological help for taking it as far as he has. Dr Drew Ordon said the way the ear was removed showed that it was done by a skilled plastic surgeon. There’s also a star-shaped implant on the side of his head. The Doctors agreed that he needed a mental health evaluation, because he obviously crossed the line when he got his ears taken off. According to Dr Ordon, the surgeon should have told the man no.

Drs: Man Trying To Look Like His Pet Parrot + Driver Test Fail

The Doctors shared news and photos of a man who has undergone several procedures to try to look more like this pet parrot. (dcoetzee / Flickr)

What do you think about this man’s transformation? Did he take things too far?


The Doctors: Drivers Test Fail

What’s the worst thing that could happen during your driver’s test? What about crashing your car into the front of the driving school? That’s exactly what one woman in Washington did. She mistook the gas pedal for the brake pedal at the very end, but other than that had a perfect test. Maybe she should practice more! Practice was the word of the day and you can use the word practice to enter for a chance to win a Philip Stein bracelet on The Doctors’ website, worth $290.

The Doctors: Baby Girl’s Favorite Word Is Boys!

The Doctors recently shared a video of their producer Chelsea’s baby dancing, and now there’s another video of another producer’s baby Brooklyn sharing her first word “boys!” Brooklyn is now three-years-old and said she’s no longer into boys. Justin, a producer for the show, thought “man, I’m in trouble!”

The Doctors: Paris Terror Attacks & Emergency Preparedness

For The Doctors News in 2:00, they started by talking about the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. Now, Americans have even more of a reason to set up an emergency plan in their own homes and at work. The American Red Cross website has a checklist for what you can do to prepare for terrorism. Just like other emergencies, officials say to always have an out-of-state emergecy contact so that you can be reconnected with loved ones.

The Doctors: Kerry Washington Baby2Baby

Kerry Washington recently received the Giving Tree Award at the Baby2Baby Gala for the non-profit foundation that provides children in low-income families with basic necessities such as diapers, blankets, and feeding supplies. Kerry Washington works with several committees, including President Obama’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities. Washington’s passion was clear as she shared that Baby2Baby makes a difference in people’s lives from the very beginning.

The Doctors: Lamar Odom Update

Lamar Odom‘s estranged wife Khloe Kardashian gave an update on Odom’s progress saying “He’s really confused a lot… sometimes he knows who the President is or his birthday and then other times he thinks he’s 26..”

She shared that Odom is learning how to walk again, as well as feed himself and put sentences together.

The Doctors: Sit Healthy Food Out

For their Prescription of the Day, The Doctors referred to the “See Food Diet” which means if you see food, you’re more inclined to eat it. So put unhealthy food out of sight and you’re more likely to reach for healthy food that is sitting out. People who had soda out on the counter averaged a 25 pound weight gain in comparison to those with healthy foods.


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