The Drs: ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Cardi B + Green Skin From Self Tanner?


The Doctors: Cardi B On Angry City People & Online Dating

The star of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop, Cardi B joined The Doctors. When Dr Rachael Ross asked why it seemed like everyone in the show was so angry all the time, Cardi responded that people in New York are always upset and then joked “most of the people in the show, they [sic] Spanish or black, so you know urban people, we always mad for some reason.” She also explained that having to film “early” in the morning, around 9 or 10, makes people grumpy as well.


After pointing out her gorgeous, “blingy” red nails, The Doctors were curious as to what Cardi B thought about a new app, that helps women find good friends. Cardi said if you can’t find friends in real life, you won’t be able to do it online. She didn’t seem to think it was a good idea. As for finding men online, Cardi also said it was a bad idea because “they might kill you.” She met a guy from Trinidad online that she thought was good looking, but when they met in person, he was shocked by how unattractive he was.

The Drs: 'Love & Hip Hop' Cardi B + Green Skin From Self Tanner?

Cardi B from “Love and Hip Hop” joined The Doctors to talk about everything from angry city folk to finding friends and men online. (idhren / Flickr)

The Doctors were practically speechless with laughter, clearly entertained by every unexpected word to come out of Cardi’s mouth!


The Doctors: Green Skin From Self Tanner

Next, The Doctors showed a picture of a woman who’s face turned green after using self tanner. Dr Travis Stork explained that, in many self tanners, there is an ingredient called DHA which can react with dead cells on the surface of your skin to temporarily darken the skin. But a tan produced by the DHA can take 2-4 hours to show up and not all self tanners are bad, but if the products containing DHA are stored in a warm environment, the product can turn green. The shelf life is about six months, so be aware of the self tanner you’ve been using. The good news is that the green tint is temporary.

The Doctors: Fantasy Bedroom Design For Daughter

One Seattle dad created a magical bedroom for his daughter. A fairy, forest-themed bedroom was created by the dad, who designs video games for a living. What a great way to spark his daughter’s imagination! Imagination was the word of the day. You can use the word imagination to enter on The Doctors’ website for a chance to win a Gurunanda’s 16-piece essential oil set and diffuser.

The Doctors: AIDS AmfAR Hong Kong Gala

For The Doctors’ News in 2:00, it was reported that Victoria Beckham was honored for her commitment to the fight against AIDS at the second-annual AmfAR Hong Kong gala. The event raised over $4 million for AIDS research programs. Adrian Brody donated a personal art piece for the event’s auction, in hopes of helping to raise more money.

The Doctors: “Spice” Drug Users Caught On Video

The Doctors then shared footage of people under the influence of the drug known as “spice” or synthetic marijuana. The Clearwater, Florida police department released the videos, which show officers trying to talk to unresponsive drug users. There’s been a rise in overdoses and ER visits in recent weeks, in association with spice. Law enforcement is trying to spread the word that a bad batch of the drug was sold. People who are making the drug are changing the ingredients, which means users have no idea what they’re actually smoking.

The Doctors: Dylan O’Brien Injured On ‘Maze Runner’ Set

Maze Runner star Dylan O’Brien was seriously injured on the set of the third and final movie of the franchise. The 24-year-old actor suffered multiple injures while filming a scene that involved a car. He’s currently being treated at a hospital in Vancouver. No further details have been released.

The Doctors: Column Of Color To Slim Your Appearance

To look taller and thinner instantly, remember the column of color. The column of color is a way of putting together outfits, where you layer a contrasting top piece over a monochromatic base. The “column” comes from using a head-to-toe appearance of one color (such as black), and then using that contrast color with it. For example, try wearing black heels, black pants, and a black blazer, with a bright solid-colored top.


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