The Drs: Live Cricket Inside Ear + Leech Inside Nose Causing Nosebleeds


The Drs: Live Cricket Found In Man’s Ear

Have you had an itch that was just way too hard to scratch? Would you believe that going to the doctor for an itchy ear almost caused one man to have a heart attack? It’s true, according to The Doctors! One man visited his ear, throat, and nose doctor for his irritating itch, only to discover a 2-inch long cricket was inside of his ear. It’s possible the cricket crawled inside seeking warmth while the man was deeply asleep. Even creepier was the fact that the cricket was alive when the doctor pulled it out.

The Drs: Live Cricket Inside Ear + Leech Inside Nose Causing Nosebleeds

The Doctors heard two disgusting stories about bugs being found inside people’s ears and noses. (Sinisa Botas /


Dr. Drew Ordon explained that if you think there is something inside your ear, you don’t want to go and stick sharp objects inside to try to get it out, because you could cause bleeding or you could damage your ear drum. He joked that if it happened to him, he would want to kill the bug before he went to the doctor by using “150 proof.” Even worse is the idea that someone may try to take  Q-tip to get it out, only to mash it in further.

The Doctors: What To Do If You Have A Bug In Your Ear

Dr. Travis Stork said you want to drown it if you have to, because if you try to squish it or kill it, you may have retained body parts inside your ear. He said it’s easier to get the whole body out at once. Dr. Ordon said you can drown the bug and then use what are called alligator forceps to pull it out using magnification. Dr. Jennifer Ashton said people tell her that her field of OB/GYN means she must see some “nasty” stuff, but she said, “I’m here to tell you there is nothing nastier than that!”


The Drs TV: Woman Had Leech In Her Nose

The Doctors then shared the story of a woman who went backpacking through the wilderness, only to come home experiencing severe nosebleeds. She went to the doctor to find relief, only to discover there was a 3″ long leech buried inside her nasal cavity. Daniela had the leech living inside her nose for a month before it was discovered.

She kept trying to blow it out and even pull it out with her fingers, but her efforts failed. Eventually, medics had to pry open her nostrils in order to free the creature. Daniela joined The Doctors from Scotland and said she basically just thought it was a blood clot. She said it was basically buried up near the bridge of her nose, but she would occasionally feel its tail inside her nose but when she tried to pull it out it would retreat back upward.

Dr. Ross explained that leeches are parasites that usually live off the blood of fish and other animals. She said she also read that while Daniela was at dinner with a friend when it kept poking its head out and her friend pointed it out. She said it’s funny now, but at the time she kept saying it was a blood clot. Daniela was swimming in Southeast Asia, which is where she probably got it. Daniela nicknamed the leech Mister Curly.

The Doctors: Creature Up The Nose

Dr. Ordon shared that leeches are actually still used in hospitals and with plastic surgery, and he said you can buy medicinal leeches. Daniela joked that she probably has a much cleaner nostril now, but was amazed at how much easier she could breathe out of her nose after the leech was removed. Dr. Ordon said you can get into real trouble trying to remove something from your nose. He said if you touch the septum the wrong way you can cause a lot of bleeding or push the object further up your nose. If you have unexplained nosebleeds, go see a doctor.


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