Drs: Lamorne Morris + Skinny Enough Challenge & Rude Pizza Note


The Doctors: Lamorne Morris, ‘Barbershop: The Next Cut’

Actor and comedian Lamorne Morris, best known for his role on New Girl, but he most recently starred in Barbershop: The Next Cut. Lamorne explained that the movie hits close to home, especially for those in Chicago, who are dealing with the deaths of youth every single day because of violence. He said the movie uses humor and gets a lot of laughs, but tackles a very serious issue.

Do you think a comedy is a great way to bring awareness to a devastating issue?


The Doctors: Fat Shaming Gym Billboard?

The Doctors then wanted to get Lamorne’s opinion on news that a gym in England called Fit 4 Less has a new billboard that’s causing a bit of controversy. It shows an alien and a spaceship and reads “They’re coming and when they arrive they’ll take the fat ones first!” So can the billboard be considered fat shaming or is it an innocent, comedic way to advertise their business? The Doctors said it was a little bit of both, but what do you think?


The Doctors: Skinny Enough Challenge

Speaking of the controversies over weight, The Doctors wanted to highlight yet another challenge popping up on social media. It’s called the “Skinny Enough Challenge” and has women wrapping a bill around their wrist. It began in China, where girls and women would determine if they were “skinny enough” based on whether the bill could wrap entirely around their wrist. Now, American women are trying the challenge and sharing their results on social media.

Dr Jennifer Ashton explained that the challenge is more about bone size than subcutaneous fat. Dr Andrew Ordon compared the challenge to the desire for women to have a thigh gap, because they’re both about bones. Dr Travis Stork pointed out that no matter how much weight you lose, if the dollar doesn’t fit around your wrist, it’s not going to.

The Doctors: Rude Note Attached To Last-Minute Pizza Order

Next, The Doctors shared news of a nurse in Paris, Texas who ordered a Domino’s pizza five minutes before the restaurant closed. When the nurse got their pizza, it came with a note that said “We would appreciate it VERY much if you didn’t want until 5 minutes before we close. Thanks!” Dr Ashton said “if you’re open for business, sorry!”

Lamorne pointed out that Domino’s picked up the phone to take the order, saying that if it was five minutes before closing, he wouldn’t have picked up the phone! Dr Stork said he didn’t think the note was actually all that rude. Lamorne also pointed out that ordering food right before a restaurant closes, could mean you’re getting whatever food is left after sitting around all day.


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