The Drs: Kym Whitley Food Allergy Solution + Skin Removal Results


The Doctors: Actress & Comedian Kym Whitley

The Doctors were thrilled to welcome the vibrant star of Young and Hungry, Kym Whitley, who joked that she’d wanted to be on The Doctors for too long! She joked that she needed Dr Andrew Ordon to take care of her back, and needed Dr Travis Stork to “check everything!” Kym shared that she was having a blast on Young and Hungry and said it’s been a wonderful time being able to go to work and laugh a lot.


Kym’s pride and joy is her adopted son Joshua. Joshua is now 5-years-old, and she got him when he was just 4-days-old. She admitted that she was mentoring a young woman who left her name at the hospital. When the hospital called saying they had her baby, she thought it was a joke. She admitted that she has had a whole village helping her, because she believes she couldn’t have raised him on her own. She also wasn’t afraid to admit that she certainly doesn’t do any cooking or cleaning.

The Drs: Kym Whitley Food Allergy Solution + Skin Removal Results

The hilarious Kym Whitley was very serious as she expressed the importance of protecting her son from his severe food allergy, and the solution she was thankful to create. (gageskidmore / Flickr)

It was next that Dr Travis got up and laid his arm around Kym, practically driving her wild. She got a whiff of him and was practically rendered speechless when he rubbed his beard against her cheek.


The Doctors: Airplane Pet Peeves

Dr Stork then asked Kym about her biggest pet peeves specifically when it comes to airplane passengers. Kym immediately bought up the arm rests and wanting to see out the window, but he had a reason for bringing it up. The Boston Globe’s Dante Ramos posted a picture on Twitter of a woman sitting in front of him on an airplane with her ponytail hanging over the back of her seat, obstructing his view of the screen on the back of the airplane seat. The first question was whether the girl even knew what she was doing, but really, how could she not?

The Doctors: Kym Whitley Protecting Son With Severe Food Allergy

Kym then switched gears to explain that when Joshua was 6-months-old he began spitting up eggs and other foods. When she got him tested, she learned that he had numerous food allergies, including peanuts. As he got older, she wanted to find a way to protect him from his severe allergy, even if she wasn’t there to tell whoever he was with. She came up with a shirt that says “Don’t Feed” with a blank where a name can be written, as well as a list of popular allergens with boxes next to them to check. She wrote his name and checked off what he was allergic to, and then made the shirts available for kids and adults. It’s a truly brilliant way to keep her son safe!

The Doctors: Update After Skin Removal Surgery

Dr Travis then reminded everyone of a woman named Nancy who viewers met earlier in season 8. She lost her husband just a week after he underwent gastric bypass surgery, and proceeded to gain 63 pounds. She worked hard to lose most of that weight on her own, but she was left with a tremendous amount of excess skin. She paid a visit to Dr Anthony Youn and was surprised to learn that Dr Youn would perform Nancy’s skin removal surgery for free.

Nancy was thrilled to undergo a tummy tuck and abdominoplasty in hopes of changing her life for the better. Dr Youn admitted that the surgery was supremely risky but knew it was necessary to give Lisa her life back. After showing footage from the procedure, The Doctors then couldn’t wait any longer to welcome Nancy to the set to reveal her remarkable results. Dr Youn actually removed 20 pounds of excess skin, and Nancy was brought to tears expressing her gratitude.

The Doctors surprised Nancy yet again with a brand new wardrobe courtesy of Kohls.


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