Drs: Kylie Jenner, Gun Violence + Butt Injection Silicone Removal


The Doctors: Kylie Jenner Hanging Out Near Guns

Kylie Jenner has millions of followers on social media, but she’s come under fire for a photo of Kylie while out with her boyfriend Tyga. Allegedly they were at a Hollywood nightclub and someone from their group reportedly had a gun in the backseat, or at least that’s what the photo appeared to show. People are saying that Kylie could be in danger, around guns that are out in the open.


Marla Maples, Donald Trump’s ex-wife, who was sitting in as a guest co-host, saw Kylie grew up and believes it’s truly better to grow up and live a life that is relatively low-key, compared to one in the limelight. Dr Travis Stork argued that Kylie’s parents should be doing more to ensure she’s making smarter decisions because she’s still a teenager.

Drs: Kylie Jenner, Gun Violence + Butt Injection Silicone Removal

Why in the world is Kylie Jenner hanging out with people carrying guns, and what does it mean for her social media following? ([email protected] / Flickr)

The reality is that too many young individuals believe that violence of some sort is “cool” which only leads to trouble. What do you think should be done to protect children and help them better understand the realities?


The Doctors: Twitter Helping Users Quit Smoking

The good news, is that in some cases social media could actually be good for your health. A study found that Twitter-based intervention programs may be twice as effective as traditional methods in helping people stop smoking. The Tweet to Quit program gives participants a free supply of nicotine patches and by receiving daily encouraging messages, they’re more likely to find success. Twitter users ask for advice and support while helping others going through the same situation.

The Doctors: Black Market Butt Injection Horror Story

Earlier in the season, Dakota revealed that she received black market butt injections that later led to serious health complications. Dr Tansar Mir took a look at Dakota, seeing that the silicone had migrated, and offered to take care of the silicone removal for free. The complicated surgery was a success, but it was certainly shocking to see the large pieces of necrotic tissue that had to be removed from Dakota’s thigh. The silicone led to dead fat, scar tissue, and nodules.

The Doctors: Silicone Removal After Black Market Butt Injections

Dakota then joined the show revealing full smile, as she shared that she was no longer in pain. “I feel like how I felt before,” Dakota said, before calling Dr Mir her best friend. Dr Mir explained that he had to remove as much of the silicone and damaged tissue as possible, without leaving Dakota disfigured. Dakota is left with very tiny scars, but Dr Mir had to remove tissue all the way from her thighs to the top of her backside and lower back.

Dakota’s husband shared that their daughter is so happy to have her mom back to normal. Dakota made it clear to anyone watching, they shouldn’t even consider black market butt injections, because it’s truly not worth it. “Do it the right way,” Dakota urged. “Go to a certified doctor like Dr Mir.”


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