Drs: Kid-Free Weddings? + Breast Cancer Survivor Makeover Reveal

The Doctors: Kids Banned From Weddings?

A video of a bride walking down the aisle at her wedding took a unique turn when a 4-year-old boy decided to run and jump on the back of the bride’s dress. No one was hurt and the bride went on to marry the man of her dreams, but that was certainly a moment no one will forget. However, it brings up a common debate once again: should weddings be kid-free? It’s ultimately the bride and groom’s choice, but at the same time, parents should find a way to be respectful and even leave if necessary.

Where do you stand? Should children be banned from weddings?


The Doctors: Single Mom & Cancer Survivor Makeover

Drs: Kid-Free Weddings? + Breast Cancer Survivor Makeover Reveal

The Doctors revealed the dramatic results of a breast cancer survivor’s total makeover. (aizuddin / Flickr)


Moving on, The Doctors reminded everyone of the loving mom and elementary school teacher who survived breast cancer but was never able to treat her scars. Because she’s a single mom, she’s left with a constant reminder of her cancer battle, which is why The Doctors surprised her with the surgeries she needed to completely makeover her body. She underwent surgery to remove the bulge from her stomach, as well as surgery to achieve symmetry in her breasts and a complimentary upper and lower eyelid surgery to refresh her look.

The Doctors: Makeover Transformation For Breast Cancer Survivor

Fat was taken from Linda’s hips to help reshape her breasts, while her stomach was flattened, and fat was removed from around her eyes. Linda was backstage at The Doctors with a makeup artist who was getting her all dolled up to reveal her incredible transformation. Linda’s husband Tom and her plastic surgeon were in the audience as they welcomed Linda to join them on stage. She walked out in a fitted red dress, revealing her beautiful new look. She truly looked like a brand new woman, which brought her husband to tears. They were both absolutely glowing, which was no surprise given that Linda truly looked 20 years younger.

Dr Michael Zarrabi explained that there was an actual herniation in Linda’s stomach because of the lack of muscle. He was able to take care of the bulge while reinforcing the tissue with mesh. Linda’s husband was most blown away by how happy and confident his wife had become.


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