Drs: Jon Stewart For First Responders + Live Tapeworm In Brain


The Doctors: James Zadroga 9/11 Health & Compensation Act

In a Doctors Special Report, it was reported that back in 2010, Jon Stewart sat down with four first-responders from the September 11 attack. The panel discussed the medical, financial, and emotional fallout from the tragedy and Stewart successfully shamed congress into passing The James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act. Just recently, Stewart returned to The Daily Show to bring attention to the same issues, asking to renew that law that provides health benefits for first responders. Lawmakers opposed to it say they want a chance to review the act and make sure it’s operating soundly.


Just one of those four original first responders appeared on the show once again with Stewart, explaining that one had passed away and the other two were severely ill. According to Stewart, the status of the bill lies in the hands of Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan and senate majority leader Mitch McConnell.

Drs: Jon Stewart For First Responders + Live Tapeworm In Brain

The Doctors explained how Jon Stewart has been working since 2010 to help first responders get the help they need. (peabodyawards / Flickr)

Do you support Jon Stewart’s fight for first responders?


The Doctors: College Student Accuses Football Star Of Giving Her STD

The Doctors then shared news of a college student who posted 5,000 flyers around her university claiming that she got chlamydia twice from the school’s star football player. “You are the absolute scum of the earth,” is just one of her scathing statements in the post. STDs are easily transmitted which means both partners need to be treated before they engage in activities together again. The Doctors understand that the women was upset, but the shaming part was completely unnecessary.

The Doctors: Live Tapeworm Found In Man’s Brain

The Doctors then shared the shocking story of a young man who’s life was changed completely in the matter of a day. He explained that he was skateboarding at his parents house with some friends, when all of the sudden he stopped, and according to his friends, looked sort-of lost. He then remembered waking up with a bad headache. He thought he was just dehydrated but it got worse as the night went on until it got to the point that he was speaking incoherently. He threw up everywhere and blacked out.

He was rushed to the hospital where doctors performed several tests and x-rays. His brain was swelling and doctors told his parents he could’ve died that night. Doctors made an incision and used a camera to look inside his brain, discovering that he had a parasite. A tapeworm created a cyst, causing a build-up of spinal fluid that was putting pressure on his brain. They operated immediately to remove the worm and when they did, it was still moving. He was told that if he would’ve been just 30 minutes late, he wouldn’t have made it.

The Doctors: Headache Leads To Tapeworm Diagnosis

Luis joined the show, and The Doctors explained that the worm had been in his brain for a while until it began to cause a problem. It can happen from eating uncooked pork, and the larvae migrate into your tissues, which untreated, can become deadly. Luis was lucky enough to go to the right hospital who discovered the problem soon enough. Microsoft surprised Luis with a Surface 3 tablet, keyboard, and pen to help him with his studies.


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