Drs: Jewelry For Your Thigh Gap? + $6 Million Sweet Sixteen Party


The Doctors: Bling For Between Your Thighs?

Have you heard about the latest trend in jewelry? It turns out that the next big thing is bling for your thigh gap. Yes, you read that correctly. A new company, TGAP Jewelry, is now selling “bobbles” to accentuate the space between your legs. They are currently offering three different dangling designs and the average price is $180. Would you wear jewelry between your thighs? The audience immediately let out a pretty loud ground, as Dr Andrew Ordon explained that he’s been dealing with thigh gaps for the majority of his career. Psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser agreed, saying “it’s giving people complexes.”


Dr Travis Stork joked that he already has family jewels between his thighs! Dr Ordon then explained that a thigh gap is not physiologic or anatomic. Dr Ordon was pretty clearly against the site, that reportedly had 35,000 people visit and try to purchase the jewelry. Surprisingly, the entire thing is fake. The designer created them as an “art piece” to spark conversations about unrealistic body standards in current society. If you’re reading this, he certainly succeeded!

Drs: Jewelry For Your Thigh Gap? + $6 Million Sweet Sixteen Party

Why in the world is one company offering jewelry to wear between your thighs? Even more, would you buy it? (areaguides / Flickr)


The Doctors: Thigh Gap & Unrealistic Body Standards

Dr Ordon explained that a woman’s thighs touch for several reasons. One, it could be muscle mass and two, women are supposed to have curves, as opposed to straighter legs like men. The biggest thing that contributes to a thigh gap is your femur and pelvis and how they’re set up anatomically. To have a thigh gap you almost have to be bow-legged, according to Dr Ordon. In a recent survey of 9-10 year old girls, 40% had tried to lose weight and at 13-years-old, 53% of girls are unhappy with their bodies. By the time girls get to 17, 78% are unhappy with their bodies. Unrealistic expectations are certainly to blame.

The Doctors: $6 Million Sweet Sixteen Party

Next, they moved on to talk about the girl some are calling the luckiest teenager in America. For a successful Texas attorney, Thomas J Henry, money is was no object when it came to throwing his 16-year-old daughter her quinceanera. Maya’s party included live performances by Nick Jonas and Pit Bull, makeup services from the Kardashian glam squad, and pictures from Michelle Obama’s photographer. More than 600 people attended the party, at which the family arrived in six Rolls Royce’s with a police escort. Were things taken a little too far?

Stacy Kaiser said she understood a parent’s desire to give their child whatever will make them happy, but an event like that has the potential to affect the girl’s self esteem, as well as the self esteem of those at the party. How unfortunate would it be to be the girl who’s party was to take place after that over-the-top extravaganza? Obviously, nothing could compare.

When they reached out to the family, they gave the following statement: “Maya is a smart, driven, outstanding young woman. She has already worked so hard to get where she is with her studies, tennis, and activism. Her mother and I wanted to give her an unforgettable night to mark her transition into young adulthood. We are so excited to see what the future holds for Maya.”

What do you think about the father’s decision to throw such a huge event for his young daughter?

The Doctors: No Underwear When You Sleep?

On an entirely differently, The Doctors discussed a new study that found that sleeping without clothes is actually better for the health of your “nether regions.” Staying covered up can keep moisture and heat in, which could encourage the growth of bacteria or yeast. So would you or do you sleep in your birthday suit? Dr Stork admitted that if the temperature is right, he goes commando. Stacy admitted that she actually likes to sleep in men’s boxer briefs.

When they asked their social media followers, only 23% said they slept without clothes. Are you willing to admit how you prefer to sleep?


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