The Drs: Janet Jackson Pregnant? + Arsenic In Infant Rice Cereal

The Doctors: Janet Jackson Planning A Family

The Doctors kicked off their Friday News Feed and the hottest celebrity health headlines, by talking about Janet Jackson. The star revealed on social media that she and her husband are family planning, so she’s delaying her tour. She was instructed by her doctor to rest, which leaves many wondering if she is pregnant. The 49-year-old star is choosing to keep things private, but of course people have continued to speculate on her reasons for taking a break.

Do you think Janet Jackson is pregnant or taking time off for another reason?


The Doctors: Amy Schumer Plus Size Glamour Magazine Controvery

The Drs: Janet Jackson Pregnant? + Arsenic In Infant Rice Cereal

The FDA recently set a limit on levels of arsenic in infant rice cereal, but what else should you know about the harmful toxin? (pineappleandcoconut / Flickr)

The Doctors then spoke about another female celebrity who made headlines this week, Amy Schumer. Schumer was featured in a plus-size edition of “Glamour” magazine. She made a statement on Instagram saying there’s nothing wrong with being plus size, but she is not. In the U.S. a plus-size woman is considered to be a size 16, and she’s a size 6 or 8. Dr Jennifer Ashton pointed out that nowhere on the cover of the magazine does it say “plus size” but instead includes articles about beauty at any size. The Editor-in-Chief of Glamour responded to Schumer’s post saying the magazine never called Schumer plus size and apologized for the implication.


Do you believe Amy Schumer had a right to be upset?

The Doctors: Arsenic In Infant Rice Cereal

The Doctors then moved on to share news that all parents and grandparents need to hear. The FDA finally announced that is taking action to limit dangerous levels of arsenic found in infant rice cereals. The FDA had previously acknowledged there was arsenic in rice, but have now chosen to take action. The FDA is suggesting a 100 parts per billion limit on inorganic arsenic in rice cereal for youth.

In high doses, arsenic can be lethal in high doses and can damage the nervous systems of children. Dr Ashton explained that when it comes to environmental toxins, there will always be the scientific “acceptable limit.” Arsenic is naturally-occurring and a little bit is perfectly normal, but it’s the high levels that are concerning. It’s easy to get emotional about a topic that involves kids, but it’s important to pay attention to the facts.


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