Drs: Janelle Evans Searching For Relief From Mystery Illness


The Doctors: “Teen Mom” Janelle Evans Mystery Illness

Janelle Evans is 24-years-old and first starred on 16 and Pregnant before starring in Teen Mom 2. Six weeks ago, her career was going great until she suddenly had to put everything on hold. She started getting night sweats, severe anxiety, hot flashes, joint pain, pelvic pain, chest tightness, back aches, and shaky hands. She’ll wake up in the middle of the night and feel as if someone is hammering her knee caps. Her abdominal pain is so bad that her appetite has disappeared. She visited her OB/GYN and was told her estrogen levels were fine. She underwent an ultrasound, during which she began experiencing her symptoms, so she rushed to the emergency room.


The Doctors: Janelle Evans Searching For A Diagnosis & Relief

Drs: Janelle Evans Searching For Relief From Mystery Illness

Former “Teen Mom 2” Star Janelle Evans turned to The Doctors hoping they could help her finally find some answers for her mysterious symptoms. (aerust / Flickr)

Once she was in the ER, a doctor diagnosed her with anxiety and prescribed her medicine that successfully took away her anxiety, but left her with the rest of her symptoms. She went back to the emergency room and saw a different doctor who ran a ton of tests that showed everything was normal, and once again diagnosed her with anxiety. She felt so hopeless that at that point she took it upon herself, to get answers, thinking it was her nervous system.


She saw a neurologist in New York who told her everything seemed fine with her central nervous system. Janelle then shared that she had experienced black stool, so the neurologist then suggested she visit a GI doctor. The GI doctor diagnosed her with irritable bowel syndrome, but it didn’t explain the hot flashes. When she went back to her OB/GYN for yet another ultrasound that came back negative, she was reffered to an endocrinologist. She still has no answers for her mysterious symptoms, which is why she contacted The Doctors.

The Doctors: Unexplained Mystery Illness

Janelle then joined The Doctors on set, explaining that it’s hard for her to see so many doctors in different states, and have people think she’s just taking trips for fun. Janelle is considering quitting her show because of how much she’s struggling. Because it was recommended she see an endocrinologist, The Doctors sent Janelle to see Dr Joseph Pinzone. Janelle explained that it came on gradually, but she smoked marijuana for a few years, but she stopped smoking and began noticing symptoms a little over a month later. She also tried diet pills briefly, but ever since she started experiencing the symptoms, she hasn’t taken anything. Dr Pinzone ordered some blood tests to see if he could get some answers.

Because of some of her symptoms, Janelle also wanted to see an OB/GYN for a second opinion, so she went to see Dr Peter Weiss. She recently began taking birth control pills rather than using an implant, but noticed that she hadn’t had a period in over six weeks. Intercourse is also painful for her, and has been for a couple months.

The Doctors: Birth Control Pills To Blame For Nagging Symptoms

Dr Pinzone and Dr Weiss joined the show, and Dr Pinzone explained that both he and Dr Weiss believe that Janelle’s birth control pills were to blame for her symptoms. Dr Weiss added that the simplest thing to do would be for Janelle to stop taking the pills and let everything come back to normal. When Janelle’s estrogen levels were checked before, the problem is that the pill artificially lowers your own estrogen and hormones. Dr Stork added that when you experience a lot of symptoms, it can lead to anxiety, and then that anxiety can lead to worse symptoms. Because of that, he suggested Janelle also undergo counseling. Dr Pinzone said taking away marijuana could have also led to more anxiety for Janelle.


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