Drs: Is Peanut Butter Safe For Dogs? + Latte For Whiter Teeth


The Doctors: Peanut Butter Ingredient Dangerous To Dogs

The Doctors were joined by veterinarian Courtney Campbell, who explained that there’s a particular treat that pet owners give to their pets regularly, not knowing it could potentially kill them. Dr Campbell explained that they were talking about peanut butter, but began by saying that by itself, peanut butter is completely safe. The reason it’s been considered dangerous lately, is because there’s an ingredient in certain types of peanut butter called xylitol.


Xylitol is usually found in gum as a sweetener. It can cause a dog’s blood pressure to drop drastically. Low-fat cream cheese or small amounts of cheese is much better for your dog. If you want to give your dog peanut butter, just be sure to check your ingredient list first and keep in mind that the higher up on the list xylitol is, the more there is in the peanut butter.

Drs: Is Peanut Butter Safe For Dogs? + Latte For Whiter Teeth

The Doctors and Courtney Campbell explained why peanut butter could be potentially dangerous for your furry friends. (mrsdkrebs / Flickr)

Do you like to give your dog peanut butter as a treat? Have you checked your ingredient list for this dangerous ingredient?


The Doctors: Shiatsu Massage

The Doctors shared that both Muhammed Ali and Marilyn Monroe believed in the healing benefits of massage. Both celebrities even received treatments from the founder of Shiatsu himself, Tokujiro Namikoshi. Shiatsu is a specific type of massage that is said to help improve blood flow and relax. Relax was the word of the day and you can use the word relax on The Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win a Quad Shiatsu Massage Cushion with heat, worth $200!

The Doctors: Kim Zolciak Biermann Mini Stroke

For the Doctors News in 2:00, they began by reporting that Dancing with the Stars contestant Kim Zolciak Biermann had a serious health scare after last week’s show. She posted a selfie from her hospital bed and explained that she had a transient ischemic attack, or a mini-stroke. She had flown from Los Angeles to New York City on a red-eye, and when she got home, the left side of her body went “completely numb and [her] speech was gone.” She thanked her family for their quick response and said she has regained feeling. She’s expected to be back on the dance floor for the next episode of Dancing.

The Doctors: Chicago & Legionella Bacteria

The Doctors then reported that three Chicago-area schools were closed down last week when high levels of legionella bacteria were discovered in the school’s cooling systems. There have been no reports from legionella from those who were in the area. Legionnaires’ disease can kill as many as 30% of those who get it, and it’s generally spread in small areas. Symptoms include cough, fever, and chills.

The Doctors: Julie Bowen Standing Up To Cancer

Julie Bowen is teaming up with the Entertainment Industry Foundation, Stand Up to Cancer, and CVS Health, to promote awareness about cancer and save lives. Bowen has been explaining the importance of teamwork in fighting cancer, and shared that her mother is a cancer survivor.

The Doctors: Drink A Latte For A Whiter Smile

Before the end of the show, The Doctors explained how a latte can help make you look sexy. It gives you a sexier, whiter smile, according to the International Journal of Dental Hygiene, a study found that drinking a tea latte could be more effective at whitening your teeth than toothpaste. The addition of milk to tea, prevents the staining of your teeth. So drink up!


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