Drs: Is It Really A Spider Bite? + Jack Black Childhood Drug Use


The Doctors: Spider Bites

The Doctors reported that Kris Jenner recently cancelled an interview saying she had a fat lip that most likely came from a spider bite. Dr Sandra Lee said in all the years of her career, she’s seen a spider bite twice because the creatures truly want nothing to do with us. She said they’re likely bed bug, flea, or mosquito bites. Dr Travis Stork said patients constantly blame bumps on spider bites, but there are really only two spiders that will actually bite you.


The Doctors: Spiders To Watch Out For

Drs: Is It Really A Spider Bite? + Jack Black Childhood Drug Use

Did Kris Jenner really get a fat lip from a spider bite or was it likely something else? (m-a-r-t-i-n / Flickr)

One is the black widow which is more common in California, but they don’t bite unless provoked. There’s also the brown recluse spider, which got a big “nope!” from me. Check out the video to see pictures of both of those spiders to know what they look like. Also, pay attention to the spot you think may be a spider bite, and look for more symptoms.

Have you ever found a spot on your body and blamed it on a spider bite without truly knowing what it was?


The Doctors: Suffering From Hives

A woman on Facebook asked Dr Sandra Lee why her hives always seemed to be so much worse at night, and Dr Lee said it’s likely because we don’t notice them as much during the day because we are busy doing other things. Scratching can actually trigger hives, as can heat from the shower. There’s all kinds of lotions and creams that can cause hives as well as foods. Take antihistamines and let it run its course.

The Doctors: Vegetables That Cause Gas

If you’re trying to get a flat belly, one of the best ways to get it is to eat vegetables which contain fiber and water. It can help get rid of constipation, but some vegetables can create more gas than others. The biggest veggie offenders are broccoli and cauliflower. Avoid broccoli and cauliflower before a date, to cause less bloating. Bloating was the word of the day and you can use the word bloating to enter for a chance to win a gift card for Vera Vasi shapewear.

The Doctors: John Goodman Weight Loss

For The Doctors’ News in 2:00, they reported on John Goodman‘s significant weight loss. The 6’2″ actor was allegedly close to 400 pounds at his heaviest. Goodman has previously lost weight from allegedly cutting out alcohol and sugar, and working out six days a week. Goodman stars in the upcoming movie Trumbo.

The Doctors: Drew Barrymore Motherhood

In her upcoming movie Miss You Already, Drew Barrymore plays a woman trying to get pregnant while her best friend battles breast cancer. In InStyle magazine, Drew Barrymore said, about being a mom in real life, she was “not going to pretend to my daughters that I’m pure as the driven snow.”

The Doctors: Jack Black Childhood Cocaine Use

While pormoting his movie Goosebumps, Jack Black opened up about his addiction to cocaine when he was just 14-years-old. In Parade magazine, Jack Black credited his sobriety to a non-judgemental therapist and a Los Angeles area school he attended called Poseidon. He said he was able to “spill his guts” about guilt over “stealing from [his] mom to get money for cocaine.” The 46-year-old father of two, said his past experiences has made him a “bit of an overprotective parent.”

The Doctors: Is Crying Good For You?

The Doctors then reported that, according to a recent study, people who cried while watching a movie actually felt happier 20 minutes later, compared to those who didn’t cry. It could be because crying can change your brain chemistry, or it could be because after you cry you work harder to be happy.


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