Drs: Inspiring Single Moms + Kelly Rowland Post-Baby Body


The Doctors: Hating On Single Mothers?

Single moms actually account for 1/4 of all American households, and there are some online groups stirring up controversy because they posted a top ten reasons list for why you should never date a single mom, even encouraging people to “avoid them like the plague.” The Doctors welcomed the founder of The Real Single Moms Club, a group that is all about empowering single mothers.


The Doctors: Teaching & Encouraging Single Moms

Drs: Inspiring Single Moms + Kelly Rowland Post-Baby Body

The Doctors welcomed a single mom who found a way to inspire other single moms, when online bullies are trying to bring them down. ([email protected] / Flickr)

Dr Travis Stork then read a few of the posts from the websites, including one that claimed the only way a single mom would have anything to offer a man is if he was a pedophile. It was also posted that being with a single mother would be “repulsive” because he would be “taking on the responsibility of raising another man’s offspring” as well as “real men don’t scrape the bottom of the barrel.”

Shana Naylor said that it’s posts like that, that inspired her to start her group. She likes to encourage single moms to keep dreaming constantly telling them “upgrade your norm.” N stands for “nip the negative”, O stands for “operate differently” or change, R stands for “rewrite your story” and then finally the M, “manifest your dreams.” Dr Drew Ordon said we should make a “date a single mom day!”


The Doctors: Cut Back On Sodium From Your Sandwich

We’ve all experienced bloating, but there’s an unexpected thing that could cause it. Are you constantly bringing a sandwich for lunch? It could be the culprit! A USDA study found that the average sandwich can contain as much as 20% of your daily sodium intake, coming from bread, cheese, deli meats, and condiments. Skip the bread and processed deli meats, using a lettuce wrap with avocado and you’ll still have a nice crunch! Crunch was the word of the day and you can use the word crunch on The Doctors website to enter for a chance to win the scented and light-up toilet seat from Kohler.

The Doctors: Single Moms & Sleep

For The Doctors News in 2:00, it was reported that a new sleep survey found that single moms are the most challenged demograpohic when it comes to falling and staying asleep. According to the CDC, about 44% of single moms get less than seven hours of sleep a night, compared to 38% of single dads. The survey also found that 10% of women without children will regularly lose medicine to fall asleep, more than any other group in the survey. Approximaely 41% of all births in the United States occur to unmarried women.

The Doctors: Kelly Rowland Baby Weight

Kelly Rowland of Empire has had her hands full raising her 14-month-old Titan. The duo posed for the cover of Parents magazine, and Kelly shared that it took her about a year to get the baby weight off and new moms shouldn’t beat themselves up if it takes longer than that. Rowland suggested writing on your mirror “I had a baby. I’m a superhero.”

The Doctors: Janet Jackson Cancer?

Janet Jackson tweeted that she did not have cancer after several media outlets reported that the 49-year-old cancelled tour dates because of a cancer diagnosis. Rumors began when doctors told Janet she needed surgery for an undisclosed condition. Jackson said she is now “recovering.”

The Doctors: Prevention Magazine R3 Summit

Prevention magazine will host their R3 Summit in Austin, Texas, dedicated to the advancement of women’s health through interactive experiences. Dr Travis Stork and Dr Jennifer Ashton will be there!

The Doctors: Winter Coats & Car Seats

For the Doctors Prescription of the Day, The Doctors suggested you actually remove a puffy winter coat before putting your child in their car seat. It can leave too much space between the child and their body because of the compression, putting them at risk during an accident. It’s smartest to prewarm the car to keep your child from getting cold.


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