The Drs: Indestructible Fast Food + Unhealthy Baby Food To Avoid


The Doctors: What In The World Is In Fast Food?

We all know fast food isn’t exactly good for you, but there’s a new viral video that catching the attention of many drive-thru lovers. An experimenter poured molten copper on all sorts of items, including a fast food hamburger. While most would think the hamburger would quickly turn to ash, what happened instead is that the molten copper practically bounced off the “food” and simply gave it a charred appearance.


Other foods that faced the molten copper include a t-bone steak, which was cooked in under a minute then burned to a crisp in under three minutes. The inside of an apple was destroyed in under two minutes and popcorn began popping in under a minute. It burned through a tennis ball in about thirty seconds, but yet the fast food burger was hardly harmed. Dr Travis Stork shared that ever since he stopped eating fast food, at 44-years-old he feels better than ever.

The Drs: Indestructible Fast Food + Unhealthy Baby Food To Avoid

A viral video showed what happened when molten copper was poured over a fast food hamburger. (alishav / Flickr)

Attorney Areva Martin, on the other hand, argued that fast food has evolved so much, and doesn’t know what she would do without fast food. She claimed that there are healthier options out there, but Dr Travis pointed out that even the salads tend to be full of unhealthy ingredients.


The Doctors: Popular Baby Foods To Avoid

Keeping kids healthy can certainly be tricky, and pediatrician Dr Tanya Altmann wanted to show what three foods parents think are healthy, when they’re truly not. First was white rice cereal. White rice has no fiber, very little protein and no flavor and only leads to children eating unhealthy white carbs. She suggested instead feeding your little one peanut butter oatmeal, because new research has shown that regular peanut protein in a young infant’s diet can decrease their chance of developing a peanut allergy later in life.

You should also avoid teething biscuits which are void of nutrition. You’re better off letting your baby chew on fruits or vegetables. Finally, pouches are a huge trend but can cause your kids to overeat and most contain a load of chemicals or unhealthy ingredients. “Less than five is best, more than ten thing again,” as Dr Altmann always says!

The Doctors: Blackhead Mask

Dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee, “Dr Pimple Popper” was back to reveal with another video. This time she shared footage of a visit with “the mask man” as they call him, because he has so many blackheads that it looks like he’s wearing a mask. He used to work with jet engines a lot, which is what caused the skin condition, as well as chronic sun exposure.

I think that man now deserves a massage! Massage was the word of the day and you can use the word massage on The Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win a Sweet Cheeks cellulite massage mat.

The Doctors: Pilgrim Pride Chicken Recal

It was then reporting during The Doctors’ News in 2:00, that the United States Department of Agriculture is recalling more than 4 million pounds of fully-cooked chicken products manufactured by Pilgrim Pride Corporation. The recall is the result of the discovery of “extraneous materials” like wood, metal, rubber, and plastic in a variety of chicken products. The company learned about the problem after customers complained about finding plastic in chicken nuggets.

The Doctors: “Textalyzer” Device To Monitor Texting While Driving

There’s an assumption that after a car accident, police officers will routinely check cellphones for texting activity. According to Ben Lieberman, that’s not true. In 2011, his son was killed in an accident as a passenger in a vehicle of someone who was “texting throughout the drive and near the collision.” Lieberman claims the police didn’t review the driver’s cellphone and he had to sue for the records. He’s now proposing a bill that would allow New York officers to review texting activity on driver’s phone through a “textalyzer” like a breathalyzer. The “textalyzer” would plug into a phone to show texting time stamps without revealing the context of all the actual texts.

The Doctors: Daytime Emmy Award Nomination

It was then shared that The Doctors was once again nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award, for outstanding talk show informative.


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