Drs: Illegal To Deny Pregnant Women Alcohol? + 72-Year-Old Mom

The Doctors: Ways You’re Aging Your Skin

Are you guilty of spot-treating pimples? You may believe you’re doing the right thing for your skin, but you should actually be taking care of your entire face with a daily cleanser and moisturizer. It can help prevent you skin from drying out or aging too fast. You also don’t want to over-treat your face by washing too much or applying too much products, because you could create an unhealthy cycle that will only make your skin worse. You don’t want to skip your annual eye exam because all that squinting can cause avoidable wrinkles. Make yourself an appointment today!

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The Doctors: New York City Bartenders Must Serve Pregnant Women

Drs: Illegal To Deny Pregnant Women Alcohol? + 72-Year-Old Mom

New York bartenders are now required to serve pregnant women alcohol, after it was argued that denying them would be in violation of human rights. (wojtekszkutnik / Flickr)


It was then reported during the Doctors’ News in 2:00, that a new guideline from the New York City Human Rights Commission, now requires all bartenders in that city to serve pregnant women. The anti-discrimination law allows pregnant women to decide for themselves what is or isn’t healthy for their fetus. According to the CDC, about 10% of women drink while pregnant. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that women shouldn’t drink while pregnant, and state laws require that bars post warnings that drinking while pregnant can cause birth defects. Human rights officials argue that only a mother-to-be has the right to decide what she drinks.

The Doctors: 72-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To First Baby

After two years of IVF at a fertility clinic, a woman has given birth for the first time at 72-years-old! The baby boy was allegedly conceived using the mom’s egg. Testing before the fertility treatment indicated that the woman would be able to carry a baby. The parents shared that they weren’t too old to be first-time parents and felt “so full of energy.”

The Doctors: Alex Morgan Health Secrets

Alex Morgan is a soccer in the world of women’s soccer. The forward for the United States women’s national soccer team is getting ready for the summer Olympics in Rio. The 26-year-old recently shared in an interview that she loves yogurt in the morning, as well as a good smoothie. She loves to practice yoga to help cope with stress.


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