Drs: Hypnosis To Control A Wandering Eye + Chris Strandburg


The Doctors: Chris “Cupcake” Strandburg

The Doctors were joined by the man known as Chris “Cupcake” Strandburg, which was a nickname he earned after his infamous entrance on The Bachelorette. Chris shared that his time on the show was genuine and shared that he just talked to Kaitlyn and John on the phone for an hour the night before. Chris shared that the couple is doing great and they’re actually moving to Nashville soon. The Doctors joked that Dr Jennifer Berman was single and has been known to have a sweet tooth!


The Doctors: Hypnosis To Stop A Man From Checking Out Other Women

Drs: Hypnosis To Control A Wandering Eye + Chris Strandburg

The Doctors shared a hilarious video of what happened when one woman supposedly hypnotized her boyfriend, who has a wandering eye. ([email protected] / Flickr)

The Doctors then moved on to talk about the woman who’s boyfriend has been known to check out other women, so a T.V. show in the U.K. gave her the opportunity to hypnotize her husband into “exposing his wandering eye.” The man was supposedly hypnotized while out to lunch with his girlfriend, and then as soon as he “woke up” and caught himself looking at another woman, he smacked himself on the forehead and yelled “looking!” Dr Travis Stork joked that he would end up with a concussion.


So is it harmless looking for a man to look at other women, or is it something that should be stopped? Dr Jennifer Ashton said there’s a difference between admiring and acting on it. Dr Strandburg pointed out that women are guilty of it too and Dr Stork said that’s why women wear such big sunglasses. The take away is that it’s harmless just to look, but be tactful!

What’s your opinion on the topic? Is it okay to check out other people when you’re in a relationship?

The Doctors: Using A Drone To Pull Loose Teeth

The Doctors then moved on to share videos of kids getting their loose teeth pulled out by attaching a string to their tooth, and then to a drone, before flying the drone away, pulling the tooth out. Dr Strandburg said it’s probably not a good idea, because if a tooth is starting to become loose, it’s important to make sure the roots are “completely dissolved.” To be sure of that, the tooth would only be held on by the gums, so then you could just twist the tooth to remove it. By pulling a tooth out via drone, the root can break off and potentially become infected or hurt the tooth underneath.

The Doctors: Peanut Butter Baby Viral Video

The Doctors also shared another video of two young kids playing together, by revealed the young girl was rubbing peanut butter all over her baby brother. The good news is that the little boy said it felt good, and then the mom made it clear it shouldn’t be done again, leading to the baby boy clapping and laughing. The video was actually filmed eleven years ago, and The Doctors tracked down the family and they were sitting in the audience! The boy admitted he didn’t remember it at all. Gina, the mom, shared that she maybe had her back turned five minutes and a jar of peanut butter was left on the counter.

Hilariously, The Doctors surprised the family with $1,000 worth of Justin’s Peanut Butter.

The Doctors: “Father Of Botox” Dr Arnold Klein Death

Then, in a Doctors Special Report, the physician often called “the father of Botox” has died. Dr Arnold Klein was the dermatologist to the stars, working with Elizabeth Taylor, Dolly Parton, and Michael Jackson. According to TMZ, Klein’s practice fell apart after Jackson’s death and the website reported that Klein had injected Jackson with demerol numerous times, right before his death.

The Doctors: Lamar Odom Recovery

Then, The Doctors reported that Lamar Odom has continued down the road to recovery with Khloe Kardashian by his side. It’s been almost two weeks since he suffered multiple strokes at a Nevada brothel, brought on by a combination of herbal erectile dysfunction supplements and cocaine use. Several media outlets repored that Odom is in a “fragile mental state” and that he may need a kidney transplant. Many fans took to social media to offer their kidneys. Now, Hollywood insiders are saying that if needs a transplant, Khloe’s youngest brother Rob would be the first to offer his kidney to save Lamar.


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