Drs: How Often To Clean Bathroom Items + Sesame Street Autism


The Doctors: How Often Should You Wash Your Bathroom Items?

How often do you change out the items in your bathroom? The Doctors first asked their social media followers how often they change their loofah’s, and 50% said never! The real answer is that you should change it out once a week, and instead of throwing it away, put it through the wash. You’ll save yourself money, while also killing germs!


How often should you change your bath mat? Approximately 38% of those polled online said they wash their’s once a week to once every 2 weeks. Almost 30% wash them just once a month, but it’s recommended that you wash your bath mats once a week. As for how often people use their bath towel’s before replacing it, 40% said 2-3 times. It’s actually recommended you wash your regular bath towel after 3-4 uses.

Drs: How Often To Clean Bathroom Items + Sesame Street Autism

The Doctors explained how often to clean essential bathroom items, including your loofah. (meginsanity / Flickr)


The Doctors: Sleep Positions & Dreams

The Doctors then reported that a University of Hong Kong study found that the way you sleep, can influence your dreams. They studied 670 people and found that those who slept on their stomachs experienced more intense, vivid, and erotic dreams. Those who slept on their backs had more nightmares and had a harder time remembering their dreams. The people who slept on their left side had more positive dreams than those who slept on their right side. The more vivid the dreams, the more memories! Memories was the word of the day and you can use the word memories on The Doctors website to enter for your chance to win an Aerobed adjustable blow-up mattress.

The Doctors: Sesame Street Autistic Character

The Doctors shared their News in 2:00, reporting that for 46 years, Sesame Street has made it their goal to help kids grow smarter, stronger, and kinder. Now, a new online Sesame Street storybook has added a character named Julia, who has bright orange hair and Autism. The creation of the character is part of the See Amazing In All Children campaign. It’s estimated that six out ten children with Autism have been bullied, so Sesame Street is aiming to put an end to that type of bullying, which is a message parents of Autistic children are enjoying.

The Doctors: Antibiotics & Weight Gain

The Doctors then reported that the International Journal of Obesity just published a study linking antibiotics with weight gain in children. They tracked nearly 164,000 children in Pennsylvania, and concluded that children prescribed antibiotics three or more times, weighed about three pounds more than those who didn’t take them. The study also made a point that antibiotics can contribute to weight gain at any age.

The Doctors: Kate Hudson Exercise

Next, The Doctors shared a clip of Kate Hudson in the new Billy Murray movie Rock the Kasbah. Hudson has shared her theory on the power of exercise in the new issue of Allure magazine. The mother of two said she’ll run up and down hills with her son in a stroller and also believes that a daily 20-minute workout can produce results. She’s been known to do yoga during in-air travel.

The Doctors: Spaghetti Serving Size Trick

To make yourself spaghetti without making enough for a small army, use a 16-0z water bottle. Grab just enough spaghetti to fit into the top of the bottle, and you’ve got one serving size! What  great tip!


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