Drs: House Rented For Parties? + Elective Surgery For Inmate


The Doctors: Renting Out House For Wild Party

Have you ever rented out a room in your house or even your house? Residents in the Bronx are furious after a man rented his home out on Airbnb for wild parties. He even advertised the property as a “lounge.” When interviewed, he said if it was up to him, he would do it every day because he’s a “party animal”. Social media posts about an event held at the house spoke of dancers, a DJ, and a lot of alcohol. Local leaders and dozens of residents and their children protested outside the house, demanding Airbnb and other websites pull the ad for the Lounge.


Dr Rachael Ross has a rental property, and when one particular woman became interested, she Googled her and found that she owned a daycare and would’ve actually run her daycare out of the home, so Dr Rachael clearly turned the offer down.

Drs: House Rented For Parties? + Elective Surgery For Inmate

The Doctors shared news of a man who purposefully rented his house on Airbnb for wild parties, and how his neighbors feel about it. (banfyphotography / Flickr)

In another story, a mansion in California was rented out for five days under false pretenses. It became the location for a provocative video shoot. The owner came back to find bodily fluids and drug paraphernalia. Would you ever rent out your own home?


The Doctors: Should Death Row Inmate Get Hip Replacement Surgery?

The Doctors then switched gears to talk about a controversial topic that has many debating whether a convicted murderer should be given medical care that would improve his quality of life and alleviate pain. The debate is happening in Kentucky where Robert Foley is fighting for a court order to require the state to arrange hip replacement surgery. Robert was convicted in 1991 of shooting two brothers to death and then hiding their bodies in an unused septic tank. His hip gave out in July 2015. The request has been turned down twice by a federal judge. The surgery would cost $50,000.

About 40 years ago, the Supreme Court said it was against the 8th amendment to deny an inmate care they really need. A hip replacement is more of an elective surgery. Dr Rachael said it sounded like even the orthopedic surgeon said it wasn’t mandatory for the man to get the surgery. She also added that when you’re incarcerated, your rights are taken away and you don’t have the same rights or access as those who aren’t.

The Doctors: Medical Care For The Incarcerated

Dr Jennifer Ashton chimed in, sharing that she has delivered babies of pregnant inmates while they’re handcuffed to the hospital bed. But doctors take an oath and it doesn’t matter who the person is, they deserve to be cared for medically. But at the same time, there are people who aren’t incarcerated and need a hip replacement surgery and can’t get it, so she was unsure of where she stood, agreeing that it’s a complicated issue.

Where do you stand on the issue? Do you think he should be able to have the surgery?


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