Drs: Hot Sauce Helped Man Discover Tumor + Railroad Dangers


The Drs: Life-Saving Hot Sauce?

The Doctors shared the shocking story of a man who claimed tasting one of the hottest hot sauces actually saved his life. He was vacationing with family in Myrtle Beach when he took the Pepper Palace Flashbang challenge, where he had to sign a waiver before tasting the incredibly spicy hot sauce.


Drs: Hot Sauce Helped Man Discover Tumor + Railroad Dangers

Do you know how to cross safely? The Doctors discussed the dangers of railroad tracks. (csessums / flickr)

The concoction was allegedly so hot that he had a seizure and passed out. He was rushed to the hospital, where an MRI showed the 30-year-old had a malignant tumor. Within days he had surgery and began treatment, so he thanked the hot sauce for helping him find the tumor before it was too late.

The Drs: Hot Sauce Helped Man Discover Tumor

Randy joined The Doctors via Polycom, and he explained that tasting the hot sauce put his body to an extreme. He was dehydrated and sweating a whole bunch. He said he loves hot sauce, but it was by far the hottest he had ever had. He explained that you can only dip a toothpick into the sauce and put one drop on your tongue, so that shows you how hot it truly was. There was actually a label created that said “Randy’s Life-Saving Hot Sauce.”


Dr Drew Ordon said he loved hot sauce too, so he opened up a bottle to try it. He dipped a pinky in and put some on his tongue before saying, “I feel love coming on.” He then started chugging and swishing his coffee in hopes of finding some relief. He then asked for some milk while rubbing his nose.

The Drs: Dangerous Railroad Tracks

The Doctors then changed topics to talk about the various railroad accidents that have occurred recently after cars, for whatever reason, were on the tracks when they shouldn’t have been. They shared that every three hours someone is struck by a train in the U.S.

Dr Rachael Ross said we don’t give trains the respect they deserve. There’s a fascination with trains, but people don’t realize that it can take a freight train a mile to stop. Some people also don’t realize that the overhang is two to three feet, which means they’re wider than the tracks.

Dr Travis Stork said they’re turning old railroad tracks into either walking paths or biking paths, which can be really cool and eliminate the risk.


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